Sunday, 25 February 2007

How good were My Oscar Guesses?

Here's how my guesses faired against the actual winners in the order of awards at the ceremony:

Best supporting actor:

: Alan Arkin
My guess : Either Eddie Murphy or Alan Arkin. Score 1 for me!

Best supporting actress:

: Jennifer Hudson.
My guess : Jennifer Hudson. Score 2 for me!

Best Actress in a Leading Role :

Winner : Helen Mirren.
My guess: Helen Mirren.3..yes, I'm good I know.

Best Actor in a Lead Role:

: Forest Whitaker
My guess : Forest Whitaker. 4...mwahahahaha

Best director:

: Martin Scorsese
My Guess: Marty..that's 5!

Best Motion Picture:

Winner: The Departed
My Guess : Babel or Queen. OK , I did not see that one coming.

Out of my 6 guesses (without seeing most of the movies involved) I've guessed 5 correctly!

Conclusion: I need to get more active hobbies....


Sou said...

I never liked Ellen, so I wasn't surprised when you wrote she wasn't good. Jennifer Hudson seems to be the favourite nowadays - I really love how Beyoncé is probably poking a voodoo doll of JH somewhere! Serves her right for being egotistic.

Whitaker won? I should really watch 'The Last King of Scotland' then; I thought it was another one of those totally and utterly boring movies.

Kudos for guessing most of them right ;)

Ravine85 said...

I think the only good to come out of JHudson being just about everywhere is that Beyonce- the diva - is probably crying herself to sleep each night.
I'm goint to see it this week isa , I'll let you know if it's worth it.

greyscale said...

wow you are good..i would've bet money on that black dude from Blood diamond winning the oscar for best supporting actor....too bad he didn't win though.