Friday, 4 July 2008

Essence de Microbus

You know what you really shouldn't take with you on a Microbus on a really, really hot day? Three bags full of raw fish.
You see, I initally thought that there nothing worse than the smell of sweat and stale underwear on a hot crowded microbus but as usual, turns out I was really naive. The low point was just about every miniature traffic jam when whatever breeze was blowing through the windows just stopped leaving you clutching your chest and clawing against the already tattered seat in front of you just waiting for sweet relief, even if it's permanent.
You know what's even worse than simply smelling it all through the ride? Having to maneuver your way through the aforementioned bags while the owner looks on innocently, causing your shoes to pick up the scent and keep you company for the rest of the way home, where you promptly burn them in a sacrificial bonfire while quietly weeping over their young prematurely snuffed out lives.

On a more pleasantly smelling note; HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOU!

Listening to : Sour Girl - STP


Anonymous said...

I can't believe it is possible, but you've managed to get my stomach lurching and doing sommersaults long distance!!

Anonymous said...

uhh..and why didn't you take a taxi, or drive your own car, or even have a friend help you out? No offense, you don't sound like the type of person that rides microbuses in cairo.

Ravine said...

Inji: mission accomplished! :P


a) I live too far away from everything for a taxi besides the fact that my parents don't feel safe about me riding one alone.

b) I don't have a driver's license and I don't have time to learn now.

c) when there's someone who can give me a ride, that's awesome but I don't live according to other people's schedules.

d) No offense but that's one of the silliest things I've ever heard. I had no idea there were only specific types of people allowed to ride microbuses in Cairo.

e) Dude, it's pretty presumptuous of you to come over here and assume that I haven't thought of other more comfortable alternatives. I honestly wasn't holding my breath and waiting for a random person who knows nothing about my life to stop by my blog and leave me these ingenious suggestions regarding the way I should go about Cairo. Thanks for your input anyway even though it's quite useless.

شريف الهراوي said...

Come on .. It was just 3 bags of raw fish .. I had a ride with a seven year old girl vomiting INSIDE the microbus the whole ride to El Demerdash Hospital .. Luckily it wasn't on my clothes or shoes ..

Sou said...

I know I'm insanely late, but...THANK YOU FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISH! :D