Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Month of Fasting, Among Other Things (part 2)

Ramadan has also unfortunately become the month of neverending T.V. series for as long as I can remember. In recent years however, T.V. in Ramadan has been a continuous flow of commercials with some shows dispersed here and there. You end up watching so many commercials, over and over again that you become more familiar with them than with some members of your family.
I'm not going to talk about T.V. shows or series because I've avoided following any of them for quite a few years now but rather some T.V. ads that always strike me as odd whenever I venture to sit down in front of the television with a cup of coffee.

1- The series of commercials produced by The general union for NGO's ( el ete7ad el 3am lel gam3eyat el ahleya*- E7sebha sa7, te3esha sa7). Apparently, they're trying to teach the people of Egypt how to manage their budget properly. It's not the fact that the prices for bare essentials have doubled and tripled over the last few months that are making life difficult for people in Egypt. Oh my, no! It's because people are frivolous and wasteful. While the latter may be true for some portion of the population, producing a series of commercials reminding people how much easier their lives would be if they would be just a little more careful with those water faucets and cigarettes is not only equally frivolous and wasteful, but also moronic and aggravating.

2-A commercial for a~ particular~ brand of frozen vegetables(that shall remain anonymous), where a bunch of chefs decide to having a poolside cooking party. What an absolutely brilliant idea!
I know that whenever I decide to cook, I always to do it best by the pool while doing a little dance and gently caressing some artichokes, if ya know what I mean! *winkwink-nudgenudge*
Heck, I don't even know what I mean...

3- A commercial for that ~ particular~ brand of underwear(that shall remain anonymous), where we observe the trials and tribulations of a young man who doesn't have the best taste in wifebeaters/A-shirts/undershirts (el fanelat el dakhelya ya3ni). We watch with aching hearts the mess his life has become until we collectively rejoice upon his discovery of this ~particular~ brand ( that shall remain anonymous) and how the right fanela dakhelya can make you a star among your peers. It also appears to be the key to success in attracting women and eventually making a marriage work. These are pearls of wisdom, people! Pearls, I tell you!

4- Finally, I hope that Sameh chokes on those Goddamn chips of his.

There are probably a shitload of others that are also likely to make my brain hurt but those are the the ones that have left a stain on my soul, so far.

*at least I think that's the correct translation

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beebogates said...

wow.. its been ages since i saw any commercials, even by chance.. according to your comments, I can tell that the future will be very, very grim.

I also need a new keyboard, incidentally. I wore out the letters on this one.

Really enjoying your sudden bloggng outburst there. keep em coming

haijekov said...

now i'm gonna start watching to check'em out :D

nice to have you around more often

marooned84 said...

well, no. made me laugh like hell! and number 2 is brilliant also! no. 1 is the usual 7okoma crap u know, like the ones u see in the street "ne7akkem 3a2lena net-habbeb kolena" with the varieties of tahbeeb.

I guess you didn't watch the steel commercials (that I'm sure will remain so anonumous) or else u'd be suffering from high blood pressure!

I too am not watching Ramadan TV for so many years, but the family does, and that's how u'll always b having a commercial playing even if u're not watching. it suck!

Spike said...

Hahaha! You also realise the many different chips commercials on TV these days? Looks like there's BIG competition in that market.

It's wonderful to see how the smallest most insignificant thing in anybodys lives is now being shown in some weird and amazing way on Egyptian TV.


=i-quelss= said...

OMG, I love this blog!!!
seriously! gamda awy ya3ni!

Ravine said...