Sunday, 28 February 2010

Red Tape

Egypt is unique. There's really no doubt about that. This is probably the only country of the world where getting out of medical school is so much harder than getting in it. We seem to be clawing our way out of one of the gates of hell just to prove that we've spent almost a third of our lives in this hellhole.
The way we're drowning in paperwork is getting downright comical. They're like little bureaucratic supervillains that never seem to die. As soon as you think you're done with one of them, it seems to breed two more. Then those little bastards seem to be dancing in front of your face jeering about the number of stamps and approvals each one of them wants - nay, my pretties - demands!
It's also weird that while the university hospital seems to have an abundance of officials and employees, yet we have to do some of their work. We have to go around the hospital buildings getting our attendance and vacation histories, which for some reason are so impossibly hard to transfer along with our names from one building to another.
Also, if they find it necessary to drown our paperwork in so much ink, how about we stick all those with the mystic power of the ink within the same vicinity. I'm not asking for much here; just stick them all in the same building.

I'm just asking for a little mercy for our sore feet. Is that really so much to ask for!?


The Observant Cairene said...
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Anonymous said...

مصر فى مهب الريح

فى خلال الثلاثين عاما الماضية تعرضت مصر الى حملة منظمة لنشر ثقافة الهزيمة بين المصريين, فظهرت أمراض اجتماعية خطيرة عانى ومازال يعانى منها خمسة وتسعون بالمئة من هذا الشعب الكادح . فلقد تحولت مصر تدريجيا الى مجتمع الخمسة بالمئه وعدنا بخطى ثابته الى عصر ماقبل الثورة .. بل أسوء بكثير من مرحلة الاقطاع.

1- الانفجار السكانى .. وكيف أنها خدعة فيقولون أننا نتكاثر ولايوجد حل وأنها مشكلة مستعصية عن الحل.
2- مشكلة الدخل القومى .. وكيف يسرقونه ويدعون أن هناك عجزا ولاأمل من خروجنا من مشكلة الديون .
3- مشكلة تعمير مصر والتى يعيش سكانها على 4% من مساحتها.
4 – العدالة الاجتماعية .. وأطفال الشوارع والذين يملكون كل شىء .
5 – ضرورة الاتحاد مع السودان لتوفير الغذاء وحماية الأمن القومى المصرى.
6 – رئيس مصر القادم .. شروطه ومواصفاته حتى ترجع مصر الى عهدها السابق كدولة لها وزن اقليمى عربيا وافريقيا.

لمزيد من التفاصيل أذهب إلى مقالات ثقافة الهزيمة بالرابط التالى

Anonymous said...

Dudette, I totally love the new template.