Tuesday, 30 January 2007

The Book Fair (and some other stuff)

The Cairo international book fair:

Well, I finally got to go to the book fair yesterday. After I toured the fair ground for a good six hours, I am now finally declaring bankruptcy and I'm quite happy about it XD.
I decided to buy more arabic books and less english novels this yr for a change. Thankyou to my friend A.H. (one of the most well-read ppl I've met in my age group), who gave me some recommendations for arabic books.
These are the books I bought, save for one book my mom borrowed which is "whatever happened to the Egyptians?" and the biography of Ernesto "Che" Guevara currently residing with my friend Spellz:

13 books, just like last yr (with a small number of "rowayat masreya lel geeb") as usual..*giggle*

Things I noticed there and liked :
  • It was crowded as usual but there were more ppl actually looking at the books than usual.
  • Alot of ppl were donating blood (including myself..yay for all of usXD).
  • There were more mini-buses moving ppl around this yr unlike the dreaded "taff-taff" or choo-choo train where the little children tend to get attached to your neck,legs and waist like super-glue with one hand and a greasy sandwich in another while their mommies smile at you in pride. Not to mention the fact that you had to wait for it quite some time and when it actually arrived ppl DIDN'T get off because apparently the ride was lottsa fun and they want to do it again, so you end up walking with your heavy book bags./end rant (can you tell I'm not a fan of the little train?).
  • All of the ppl working there were very helpful so kudos to them for that.
Places I recommend there, though I'm probably stating the obvious to anyone who's been there:
  • Dar el-Sherouk
  • AUC bookstore
  • The Egyptian-American book centre in ITALIA hall.
  • EL-Ahram library.
  • Akhbar el Youm.
And to my dear friend R.A. who tried to donate blood but almost passed out halfway and actually cried because she couldn't ; I know you were sweet, but I had no idea that you were that sweet :D!

Now on to utterly trivial matters:

Today is Actor Christian Bale's birthday, so here's a little feature about him just to satisfy the little *cough*actually really big*cough* fan g
irl in me:

Basic Stats :

Name:Christian Charles Philip Bale
BD&BP:30/1/1974 in Wales.

Height: 6 ft.
Spouse: Married to Winona Ryder's former assistant, Sibi 'Sandra' Blazic since 29/1/2000 who is quite possibly one of the luckiest women on earth and at the same time gives hope to average looking chicks everywhere (lol I'm so sorry, that was just awfully bitchy of me *hangs head in shame...well sorta*)
Children: Has one baby girl rumored to be named Emmaline( her name has never been released to the press..good
for them), born on 27/3/2005.
Latest movie(s) released: Har
sh times and The Prestige in 2006
Latest movie(s) not yet released: I'm not there (about Bob Dylan apparently) and Rescue Dawn.
Favorite charcter of mine he ever did:
Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.

Now some pictures:
Christian Bale looking intense

Christian Bale looking like he's pissed and about to choke a bitch.

Christian Bale looking thoughtful.

Christian Bale looking like he's drunk and about to mug you.

Christian Bale about to whack somebody's head off with an axe.

Christian Bale all smiley
and stuff.

Christian Bale looking emacia
ted and about to fall over and die in "The Machinist"

and finally, little Christian!

*****Expect something equally awful whenever it's a birthday of a favorite Actor/Actress of mine****


Sou said...

I love the descriptions of the pictures. I'm not sure why, but I couldn't stop laughing, like seriously, laughing out loud and if you had more descriptions up, kont hatdel2 watlawa fel ard min kotr el de7k - maybe. lol

Kudos for giving blood! Good for you begad :) And I envy your book collection; there aren't any book fairs here in Kuwait and I'd do anything to go to Egypt and attend the book fair.

I have 'Four Past Midnight' and I liked it, good collection of short stories :) Greek Drama? Seems interesting!

Yalla, enjoy the books! :)

spellz said...


Happppy Birthdaaay Mr Bale :D
I loved the pix AWESOME...
I wanna write about the book fair and him too ;)

Mo'men said...

Christian bale is one hell of an actor indeed , I never rested untill i knew the name of the kid in "empire of the sun", he's my 3rd favorite actor of all time (after Kevin Spacey and Edward Norton)


Juka said...

Heyyyy. Was at the fair yesterday. Eftakartek :D Hope all is great at your end.

Anonymous said...

is it just me or does he make the same facial expression in all the photos.