Sunday, 28 January 2007

Those pesky jeans

Last night I was watching the popular egyptian program on Dream tv called "10 p.m" or "el 3ashera masa2an". Like the rest of the country they were talking about our newest celebrity; the Maadi Stabber. I have to admit that it was an interesting show and I enjoyed what I managed to watch from it except for one particular point brought up by a caller. He stated that if girls which just "respect themselves" and not wear obscene clothing , nobody would attack them.
Omg Omg, it's like..just sooo simple. It's the clothes. Women are being stabbed and having their internal organs torn up because of the clothes. Not because -heaven forbid- the guy's completely psycho, or because the security is so sub-par that these girls were being stabbed in broad daylight. No, no,no, that's just crazy talk. It's the clothes.
I mean if a girl is wearing what some ppl will define as improper or tight clothing (like a pair of jeans instead of a friggin' burka), that warrants her being harrassed, stabbed or even raped. *HeadDesk*
The thing is, this isn't the first time I've heard this opinion about this particular case among others and it's terrifying to realize that there might be many ppl in Egypt who think with the same logic of rapists, along the lines of " she was a slut, so she deserved it, dammit!".
It's the same issue when a girl gets harrassed on the streets in here, it's always because of the way she's dressed, the way she walks, talks , laughs, whatever. The easiest explanation is that it's always because of her. Forget the guy, poor thing has no control over his hormones.
The truth is nearly all girls know that it's never been about the clothes, the only qualification to get harrassed or in this latest case, get stabbed, is having a uterus.
Why this sacred tradition of blaming victims when the victims are girls?


Sou said...

Maadi Stabber? I'm totally out of date on Egyptian happenings.

And the theory brought forth, about girls bringing this upon themselves because of "the way they dress", is totally absurd! How is it our fault?! Okay, so lebesna jeans, aywa, where's the problem? You're right though, how did they fail to mention the fact that the dude doing all the stabbing is a complete psycho?! What kind of "sane" man would go around stabbing people? Ignorance and total stupidity really annoy me.

When's the discrimination against women going to stop?!

spellz said...

I didntwatch al 3ashera masaa
but I was talking to my cousin about the same subject lol and he asked me why gurls expose so much skin ? so I told him guys do the same... he told me I dont like guys who open their shirts till their stomach to show their hairy chest and I never wear a Bekini suit at the sea Although I used to do that when I used to play water Polo.... so I told him "Dont look if u dont Like" he Told me " I'm not looking anyway... am talking about other guys"

Well as for me I dont see the probelm of a guy looking how pretty is the gurl my problem is with the guys who stare and fantasize those who can't controll their hormone and blame gurls for it!!

Anyways if we did as they said and covered all the gurl... who will gaurantee that some sickminded guy wont stab the gurls coz his mother was cruel tohim or coz he never seen a gurl in his life or coz some sickminded sheikh told him "al nesa2 waqood al nar" or " get rid of all the women"
or watever the reason
this madness has to stop!!

Just leave the gurls alone and try to focus on the guys Attitude!!

still breathing said...

its either the clothes or the guy is mentally ill.

maynf3sh y2olo 3'eer kda.
7aga t2ref.

thx 4 visitng my blog :)

ravine85 said...

^np , thx for returning the visit :D