Friday, 26 January 2007

Down with the females?

I don't know why, but it seems as though most professors at the faculty of medicine, Ain Shams university, really ..I a deep hatred for women?
They're always making' jokes about us, about how we'll get married later than all the other girls , that we're studying while they're raising kids, that we don't compare to them in looks, how we're all hogging the credit from the guys and how they need the higher ranks because they're the ones who will actually need to make money in the future.
They always refer to us as 'females' ,too. Never as women or girls. Like we're barely eligible as females because of that annoying extra X chromosome lurking in our cells.
One of the professors in particular, the one who gives us the "private" lesson (common practice in Egyptian medschools among others..long story) who goes by the name of Dr. Usama seems to hate women with a well as children..other doctors...students...well, let's just say he's not a big fan of life in general. Now he doesn't even call us females, he refers to us as "hareem" . Like we're a herd of cattle or something. He's always mumbling "if the hareem would just stay at home and spare us the headache" bla bla bla. The guys love his jokes, too. They always respond in a mighty, rumbling laugh. Just yesterday he asked them if they agreed
that it would be better if we weren't there and won't ya know it, they all responded in unanimous , billowing agreement.

OMG, You f*cking douchebags!?? What are you so pissed about? It's not like they give up their seats to us when it's too crowded in class , or wait for us to see a specimen or a patient first before they go in for the attack(I'm still bitter about what the male I identify only as "lamp post" did to me in the morgue in our first yr). It's not like if we didn't exist some guy who barely passes is suddenly going to get high scores. If you're stupid while we're here, you're still gonna be stupid if we disappear.
O and don't you get me started on these males who complain about what we look like . You see, thee guys in my class seem to be stuck in an awkward stage between manhood and boyhood and aren't exactly "Mcdreamy's" (I can't believe I just said that *groan*) .They should really buy mirrors, as in the real type not the type you see in fun houses that might make them appear mildly more tolerable to look at than their current pitiful state.
And that pick-up driver disguised as a doctor who teaches us should know better. I don't give a sh*t if he's joking or serious but it's pretty damn irresponsible of him to spout out that crap like there's no tomorrow infront of a bunch of impressionable 21 yr old guys who seem to idolize him f0r some bizzare reason. Chicks have it hard enough as it is in this country, ok?
Besides if girls did stop going to med school, his income would be approximately reduced to half the original number.
After all, our money doesn't have the annoying extra X on it.


Anonymous said...

OMG ravine or what ever your name is, I am totally confused,,it seems all the hate is from your side !! Don't take some words out of the mouth of some men and generalize a judgment. I thought and hoped you should think better. Frustration is everywhere no different X or Y.

Ravine said...

Generalize what? I just said "most professors at the faculty of medicine, Ain Shams university". I specified (the majority of)a group of men right there based on what I've been hearing for five years straight. Now, how is that a generalization? Besides, I don't hate them, I just find them annoying and hypocritical. O and guys maybe just as frustrated as us, but they don't get verbally put down nearly as much as we do.