Friday, 26 January 2007

Atrophy of the brain

Do you ever go through days when you get the feeling that in your brain somewhere in a deep place is a whole lotta 'smart' that just seems to be blocked by a gradually thickenning shell of 'stupid'? I've been feeling that way recently. I heard med-school would make me go through days like this and apparently the rumors are true. I used to think I was intelligent when I was in highschool now it seems like my brain functions a lot slower. Early senility?Maybe. The lead in the air is finally affecting me? Perhaps. Maybe I'm just using it a lot less than I used to. Maybe it's because I haven't been reading or sketching or writting something, anything during the past few months.
I hope all of that will change though...because the annual Cairo book fair just started...weeeeeeeeeeeyeaaaaaaaah!!!
I patiently wait for those 2 weeks every year when I walk into the ginormous Cairo fairground and become surrounded by nothing but books of every sort. I go broke at the end of those 2 weeks but I'm always quite happy with what I buy and sad that I didn't get everything I wanted. Hunting there for that single book I've been looking for and finally finding it is one of the most enjoyable experiences I could possibly have in the month of January.
I turned a friend of mine back to reading last yr (you tend to stop reading anything besides text books when you start med-school unfortunately) and she's been reading Pride and Prejudice recently. She had read it before when she was like 13, she didn't like it much back then but I knew that she would love it now. She fell in love with not only the book but also with Mr.Darcy as I expected. It's difficult for a straight female to read that book and not fall in love with him. *Sigh* it's like he's the perfect man with imperfections. If only there were actual men made of flesh like him...

not in my rounds, that's for sure....ahhh well.

Now I have to go and count my money to see how much I'll actually be able to spend this week...