Sunday, 21 January 2007

Guts? Well, wow...and ewww.

I've just read 'Guts' by Chuck Palahniuk. All I can say is Holy Shit, that was amazing. I was both mesmerized and repulsed . I found the first part of the story highly amusing and I did not expect the rest of it to end up the way it did.The events are so disturbing to think about yet I can't get my mind off of it.If you have a strong stomach, I highly recommend this story. It's a short story and it's online. I'm definitely going to check out more of his books.

It reminds me of another book which both fascinated me and disturbed me ; American Psycho. Except that this novel actually made me gag and throw up in my mouth a few times and I have a pretty strong stomach. Anyone who's read it will understand this; cheese, a tube , a hungry rodent and a vagina *gag*. I hate that I have the memory of reading that part in my brain yet I enjoyed it thoroughly and will probably read it again(once we move into our house which is being decorated at the moment, since all of my books are lying in a big box in its basement*sigh*). The movie on the other hand, well Christian Bale kinda distracted me from the whole psycho-killer-cuts-up-women issue. He's a fucking amazing actor (IMHO) but he's just.. awfully pretty...


spellz said...

I hate gurl

the last story was the most gross of them all and the funny thing is in the middle of the story at the wax part my mom called me to prepare mea balls with her and all I was thnking about is wax and pearls, then I came from the kitchen with an apple in my hand I said that story cant get anyway grosser but I was wrong, shiit I wont east from those balls and I'll quit eating apples...

watever the one who wrote this is a genious and I'm going to read for him once again but next time with an empty stomache
and yeaaaaa Christian Bale is **cking amazing