Monday, 22 January 2007

Am I being a hypocrite?

I decided recently that I would finally do it, I would finally get braces. I've had this annoying crooked tooth for about 6 yrs now. The lateral incisor is pushed behind the other (surprisingly very straight) teeth. People tell me they hardly notice it if I don't point it out but to me, it always stood out in a picture when I smiled or when I looked in the mirror. I always thought, "hey, if nobody notices it then why down a long , expensive and possibly painful road just for your vanity?". Thing is, I've been recently thinking that it might get gradually harder for me to clean it, food might get stuck there, sinus trouble (according to what one dentist told me) and it already bleeds sometimes when I brush my teeth. So even though braces aren't paritcularly attractive at any age, I'd rather have them by choice at 21 than have them by necessity at 30, or possibly an even more expensive procedure like dentures or implants or something.
The thing is, I've always been against plastic surgery. I've always hated ppl who complained that their noses were too big or their chins were too small. I mean, unless it's causing some major psychological distress(though in cases of low self-esteem, I don't think changing your appearance is necessarily the right way to go), why go through major surgery just to fit society's perception of beauty? You can be absolutely beautiful and still loathe yourself. I even dislike colored contact lenses because I feel that it somehow makes you ungenuine. So does getting braces make me a hypocrite? Granted I'm getting it for health reasons as well but I won't exactly be upset with the cosmetic outcome of it. I never wanted perfectly straight teeth, I just wanted them to look normal.

Le sigh, I guess I'll visit the orthodontist next week and see if I'll go through with it.


spellz said...

1st Congrats thweety for ur Cyperspace ;)... ur profile is amazing :D I loved it I loved it I loved it..

I like ur opinion about plastic surgery thing, but for ur teeth I saw ya and I knw they r not noticed but if they r annoying u why dont u put braces + Gurl there is noooo way u can be Hypocrite whatever u did u must know that :D