Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Cinema rant & some WTF news

So I went to see Blood Diamond today. Fantastic movie! I'll write up a review tomorrow if I have time isa.

As usual, my cinematic experience was a little tainted by a few things that just piss me off to no end whenever I go see a movie :

1- To parents who take their kids to movies that are rated (R) : WTF are you thinking? How is it OK for your kids to see a movie full of blood , violence and cursing ? Besides the fact that this movie was way too complex for a 7 yr old to comprehend and I'm awfully sick of hearing a child asking his mommy what the bad guy is saying when he tells someone to "F**k off!" in the movie. Yeah, mommy why don't you tell him what it means?

2- To parents who leave their kids aged 14 and under go to the movies alone : Again, WTF are you thinking? You let a group of children go off to the movies alone , with no supervision, go into whatever movie they want and that's just OK with you guys? At the very least there should be an agreement upon what movie they're seeing. Besides that, you may want a 3-hour break from your kids, but I really resent the fact that each of my friends and I had to turn around 2 times to tell the 10 yr old chatterboxes behind us to keep quiet and stop kicking the chairs. I ended up practically screaming "PLZ SHUTUP"...which worked for about 5 mins. Even my "evil stare" didn't work and when my "evil stare" doesn't work, you know it's a bad situation.

3- To parents with newborns : We're glad you have a new bundle of joy. No really, we are. I just have something to tell you, as shocking as this might be, if you don't go to the movies in the first 12 months of your infant's life, guess what? It doesn't mean you'll die, it doesn't mean you'll disappear and never be heard from again and it doesn't even mean that you're not as good as anyone else. But since it's your bundle of joy, how about you handle it at home instead of involving an entire theatre audience. I know it takes a village to raise a child, but come on!!

4- To the people who insist on answering the phone during the movie because the balance of the very universe itself depends on you taking that call; where were you guys today? I didn't see you....(plz stay make so many ppl happy that way).

5- To people who litter in the movie theatre and leave it looking like a hurricane hit it : should be slapped on your hands and made to stand in the corner.

No, I don't hate little kids and I don't eat them when there's a full moon.

Now the latest WTF!? news :

The fatwa I was so displeased with here , was actually a huge misunderstanding....apparently, he only said that a woman can't be a Caliph but she can be a president.
Of course! Now it all makes perfect se...wait a second...

::runs off to look out of the widow::

nope, we haven't been sucked into another dimension....

or been caught in a time warp...

or....oh, forget it...


Juka said...

LOL. I totally feel for you. M3lesh.. which theatre was this?? Was in a mall sa7?? How come the earliest we got to go see movies on our own was highschool :(

spellz said...

Lol , I began to go to movies alone whn I was in colg, my parents barely took me to movies and they were all children movies
Wat happened To the world!!!

About The Fatwa
Oh thats really funny

shafee2a said...

looool,totally agree.there's also those retards that keep laughing at anything during the movie,no matter what the movie was:tragedy,horror,sciencefiction..they really drive me crazy...what the hell r they laughing at?not to mention the comments on love scenes.