Saturday, 10 February 2007

S.O.S concert....Singin' in the Rain

So I went to the S.O.S concert , yesterday! Standing in the cold wind and rain for over 6 hours sure does your body good :D !!
I have to say , it was a totally different and very enjoyable experience for me. My only complaint is that instead of starting at 2 p.m like they announced, they started at 4:40.
Guys, that was just not cool or classy.

I fortunately had an umberella to salvage my hair from the rain before the show started and during the show I opted to wrap my scarf around it. According to my friend, I looked like I had just dropped in from Bosnia. Lovely.

Here are my opinions about the bands I managed to see :

  • Chromatics : Nice guys, obviously very talented but lacking in the showmanship department. The music was great, but they didn't engage the audience well.
  • Vocal Curse: LOL, those guys were just so cute you had to pinch their cheeks! 2 highschool students, beat boxers and very good ones at that. I had a vague idea what beat boxing was and after explaining it to my friends , I said " this will probably be very entertaining!". And it was! They put on a fun show and had great stage presence.
  • Arabian Knights : Now, the thing is I'm kinda biased because I hate rap music with a passion (remember, you can't spell crap without rap...BWAHAHAHA). These guys are an Arabic/English, hip-hop/rap group, their songs (or what I managed to understand anyway) were about things like national and religious pride and feminism also (well..I think). The best thing they did really was bring out the break dancers for about 10 mins. Those guys were AWESOME! I mean, holy physical strength and flexibility Batman!
  • Black Theama : those guys are amazing, great voices, fantastic music and terrific lyrics. They definitely got the audience going.
  • Salalem : Fun guys, beautiful music and I think the lead singer might have had a little sumethin' sumethin' before going on stage , if ya know what I mean. I can't forget him crying out "Ya gama3a....ana mapsoot...3shan entcho mapsootein!!!" . You had to be there, but it was comedy gold believe me lol.
  • Fathy Salama: Brilliant music , the guy with the Sagat "finger cymbals" especially stole the show. The fantastic guitarist from "Eftekasat" , I believe who goes by the conspicous single name of "Ousso" came out and played with them for a song. It was all great until F.S. introduced an Algerian singer by the name of "Kareema". You see, the type of music they were playing with her on the vocals was a bit too "progressive" and maybe considered too much of an "acquired taste" to be playing for a big crowd at an event like this. You see, her first song was a series of screams of varying ear blowing intensity. We were between shock, laughter and a bit more shock. Another song sounded like she was reading the obituary (each chorus ended with " antom al sabekoon we na7no al la7ekoon" but the songs she sang in French as well as a song for Cheb Khaled were fun.
I unfortunately couldn't stay to watch Wust el Balad , Eftekasat or Nagham Masry because I left at 9:30. I'm frankly a little pissed because if they had actually started on time, other ppl as well as myself would've had a chance to see those bands.
One more thing, what's with the creepy security men about to run us over in the middle of the crowd? Come to think of it, what were those human shock absorbers doing in the middle of the crowd(particularly adherent to the girls) anyway?

I think we'll definitely go to the next one isa . But I think we'll a little later than the time they're supposedly beginning at (yes, I'm still bitter).


Sou said...

"Ya gama3a....ana mapsoot...3shan entcho mapsootein!!!"

See, it's stuff like this make me feel like crap that I live all the way in Kuwait. If i lived in Cairo, I would've witnessed that too! lol

Ravine85 said...

lol Maybe you'll be able to come over by the next time they have a concert. I'm sure he'll still be sniffin' whatever he's sniffin' by then :D

spellz said...

:D:D:D:D:D I swear he was high on someting but I really voved him

Yea I hted Ousso's name but he is brilliant

Belal said...

HEY dude.. thanks for the COMMENT about us VOCAL CURSE u rock btw :D

and come 2 our next concert wid badapple in march
for more info check out the sakya website in march 2 c the calender :D

Belal said...

hey dude it's vocal curse again!
we have a concert on friday the 13th of april @ sakya u shold come! u might not like it cuz its rap! but the rap group will b playing on rocl music! a bit of limpbizkit style :D

princess said...

hey, nice article there..
you should be pissed off abt startin late, but on the other hand it's a big step for egyptians to have this kind of event aslan!