Sunday, 18 February 2007

People are just too silly sometimes...

My famly and I moved to the outskirts of Cairo a couple of months ago to one of the "new cities" because we wanted to have a house of our own. The roads to and from there are usually crowded. However, the past couple of days they have been extra crowded. The reason, you ask? Why, it's the miracle tree of course! Apparently, a couple of days ago, someone discovered a tree on the masr-ismailia road near the airport that has the words" لا اله الا الله " or there is No God but Allah carved on it. People came from all over the place to see it. Everyone who has a mobile phone (which is everyone in Egypt) climbed up to take photos. The funniest thing were the people searching the other trees for any other little "miracles" they might have missed. I'm no psychologist but the only explanation I have is Mass Hysteria. That's right my friends. People have collectively gone bye-bye and we've all known it for a long time.
I've never believed in these sorts of things, where someone says he finds a divine phrase written on a potato or on some sugar cane perhaps. I never really thought God would need to do something like that to remind us that he was there. I hate to sound cheesy or corny but if you want a miracle don't look at the writing, look at the goddamn tree. Look at it's detail and structure and history. That's the miracle. Not something which was probably carved out by somebody who subsequently started this rumor to see what the latest imbecile count was these days.


I just saw a feature about the tree on "el 3ashera masa2an". Apparently , they're making up some sort of committee of botanical experts to determine whether the writing is natural or not. For the love of God, with all the problems this country has, they're making up a friggin' committee for the friggin' tree???? I hope a lightening bolt strikes it and burns it to the ground. I don't enjoy being an hour late every where because a lot of people are extra stupid this week. The presenter "Mona El-Shazli" pointed out the same thing I pointed out above ( the same thing any member of the sane tribe, no matter how small it's getting) would point out ; If you want to see God's power look around you, you don't need the writing which may or may not be miraculous to believe. So what if it's natural? Trees always have markings on them, it depends on how you look at the markings. In the US, you constantly hear of someone finding the face of Jesus on a sweet potato or something, even though nobody really knows what he looks like.

In other ridiculous news, Britney Spears is now an even more amusing train wreck as she has completely shaved her head!

See? Business in the front and party in the back!
Thanks for ruining my pre-teen memories, Bitch! >:(


shafee2a said...

That's what we usually do,gather around something stupid.And spend all our time talking about it,coz we have nothing else to talk about.i'll not be surprised if i found them discussing the issue in the "people's assembly" ,telling us about the committe results.

Ahmed Star said...

ppl need something to live for people are feeling disappointed they lost their goals visions in life that's why they care much about these stuff because simply they have nothing to do and i really appreciate your opinion about looking on the tree itself not on the words .....

-abt britney spears i guess she regained back a great deal of her fame by doing this people even forgot her ... but is it worth to have all your hair cut :S i doubt besara7a