Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Random Embarassing situation

We all have irrational fears, right? I have several in fact.Despite not being afraid of ants,spiders,geckos, lizards, rats ,mice, cats, dogs or anything like that, one of the (major) fears is *drumroll plz* : my fear of Cockroaches! I see one of those littles fellas walking by and I jump up in the air, do a little dance and run out the room to get a weapon of some sort (i.e : a heavy shoe/slipper and insecticide) like my life depended on it. I have never killed one myself till this day, someone else has to do it for me with the weapons I provide. I simply cannot imagine touching one of them even if it's with an industrial strength shoe. The sensation of one of those ugly critters being crushed under something that's in actual contact with my body, while their horrid internal anatomy oozes out in a disgusting pool of unidentifiable fluid is simply too much for my nervous system to handle. And God help me, what if it's carrying a sack of pulsating eggs full of little horrors still in the making?

I bet you're saying Hello to your breakfast by now. Hello, eggs. Hey, coffee. Hi there ,toast.

So when somebody tells me that there's a cockroach within a small distance from me, it better be an actual one that's deserving of my electrifying reaction which is sure to follow. That's why in the middle of my round , yesterday I didn't appreciate it when my friend sitting next to me started this little chat with me:

"Cockroach", she says in a calm tone.
"Where?", I reply in a sleepy tone.
"Underneath you", still pretty calm.
"Alive or dead?" , Kind of awake now.
"Alive", stilly frustratingly calm
"HOLY CRAP", Shock and horror on my face.

I get up , interrupt the Doctor in the middle of the lesson . "Cockroach?" he asks. "YEAH,COCKROACH!" I say almost causing one of his ear drums to burst. So then I turn around to look that vile little creature in it's beady little eyes and I realize the "cockroach" my friend was talking about was so tiny it was barely visible in the ground. Basically a tiny spot moving around on the ground. "THAT's WHAT YOU MADE ME GET UP FOR??". I mean, this thing was so friggin' tiny, I probably didn't even have to step on it.I could probably kill it with the power of my mind.

Thx a lot, sweetheart. Now everyone thinks that I'm such a "girl". Damn it, that reaction was supposed to be reserved only for insects the size of my palm, woman!

In other less disgusting news (depends on how you look at it *snicker*) It's Valentine's Day today!
Time to break out your savings to buy your loved one something that's incredibly red, perfumey and expensive! Beware of the Blinding Red you'll see in the streets today, drivers & pedestrians!

O and let me introduce you to my livejournal icon this week :


Juka said...

In the words of my dears at AEB "Happy Letting Go Day" everybody.

spellz said...

"happy single awareness Day"

Lol @ they will think that I'm such a gurll..Lmao

Dont worry probaly all of them have the same fear

I personally fear all the creatures u mentioned

and the part about Cockroaches' natomy was disgusting 7aram 3aleiki :'(

anyways I really laughed at u in the section u lil poor thing :P

bibi-aisha said...

I feel ur pain with cockroaches. Btw,as for talkin to urself,i do it too.but mostly in my mind-interestin conversations arise.sumtimes i find myself talkin aloud tho.but not to worry-its a sign of genius :-p

shafee2a said...

looool,i know what ur saying,I HATE ROACHES!!..they're my nightmare.i can't kill anyone my self too,and hear those crushing sounds,...ewwwwww.once i was daydreaming i was going to jail (i always think i'm gonna end up in jail,coz i'll engage in a revolution or something)anyway,i thought that my worst fear is staying in a cell with roaches crawling everywhere!!!that would be torture!