Friday, 2 February 2007

Truly Horrific News Item


A couple of Law Enforcers attempted to rape a young woman in one of the busiest subway stations in Egypt , in broad f*cking daylight!

Excuse me while I go puke my guts out.. >:(

I can't stop thinking about his. How could this have happened? What could have possibly been going through those 2 jerks' heads to make them think that they could get away with something like this? Did they not expect the girl to report the incident like so many rape victims in Egypt who are afraid of the social stigma? Good God, what is this world coming to...?
I hope they actually get the punishment they deserve and I hope the ppl who make excuses for shit-heads like these (girls wear tight clothes, video clips, el dish, the economy..bla bla bla) actually put a sock in it this time.
Thank God that the girl managed to get away at the right time.

N.B. the poem in my previous post is eerily applicable to this.


Sou said...

That is appauling!!!!!

"To protect and to serve" al! The people who are supposed to protect us are the people who are assaulting us. What the hell is happening to the world?

spellz said...

Fu*k all the empty headed hormone loaded guys, I can't tell more>
I'm all shocked and disgusted w salemly 3l regala!!

Mak said...

After the tal3at 7arb incident, nothing surprises me anymore. This is a very bad time for any girl to be living in Cairo.

Juka said...

Actually judging by the amount of verbal harrasment that soldiers in the ta7reer area practice, I'm not in the least bit surprised.

Asrar El Banat said...

She let them GO!!!
This is even more horrific than what they did to her!
How much did they pay her?
How much money was enough for her to let them go do the same to other girls?

Ravine85 said...

^O crap..thx for pointing it out. This is even more twisted than I thought...