Sunday, 4 February 2007

It gets worse...

Thx to asrar el banat for bringing my attention to this new article in el masry el youm :

فتاة «المترو» تتنازل عن اتهامها أميني الشرطة بهتك عرضها

The potential rape victim I wrote about in my last post has dropped all charges despite the screams, the witnesses and the police report. Suspiciously enough, after negotations between her family and the assailant's family . Apparently they've come to some sort of agreement, where the police corporal turns from a rapist to an honest man of the law just doing his duty by catching her trying to sneak out without a ticket.
Good God, could they have tried to insult our intelligence just a little bit more? I mean cause nobody reading that would think it's stupid because we all haven't noticed the ppl passing by every single hour without tickets in the underground metro. No, no that's just crazy talk. The vigilant policemen are always there to catch them.*HeadDesk*
I don't know what might have happened; financial agreement? Threats? The girl was afraid of the social stigma if this became public? I don't know , but all I know is that you don't get your clothes torn off your chest and get the crap beat out of you by 2 policemen if you try to sneak out without a metro ticket. I highly doubt that they're that dedicated to their jobs.

And another male chauvinistic pig/ sexual predator roams free in our country.....


Mak said...

I didn't expect anything different. Think about it this way: She doesn't need the "Fdee7a", she wants to get married, her parents pressured her to drop the charges, she needed the money offered, the threats scared her off.

Take your pick. You may choose more than one.

spellz said...

I choose them all :S

that country is really f*cked up,

I thought that even if she dropped all her accusations the criminals musnt be released...
first coz there were witnesses to the police knew it really happened
second if this was a normal country the criminals shud at least go to a therapist
not to be simply released like nothing happened!!!!!

shafee2a said...

Here goes another sick weirdo.i wanna know where this country is going...coz i think it's going to hell.wait a minute,..aren't we already there?all those corrupted police men..where's the feeling of security? so,the rule is,unless ur related to the president,or u have some sort of power(money/authority)..u're gonna be treated like shit.