Monday, 5 March 2007

Current musical obsession

Kaiser Chiefs- Ruby

I just can't this song out of my head, I've been humming it all day long and the video is really cute :D .

Eric Clapton - Layla (acoustic)

An old song but I hadn't heard it for quite some time until they played it on the radio a couple of days ago. It's just...WoW. The guitar and piano work is just amazing.


Reema said...

lovely song sis. thanx for posting about it.


Sou said...

Ruby?! RUBY?!!

Ekhs...ekhs...How dare thee? :p

La2 bas seriously, Ruby?!! :/

Ravine85 said...

Heeeey, it's catchy so don't judge me :(
But I did put Eric Clapton to filter out any cheesiness, didn't I? :D

Sou said...

You did, you did...Khalas, forgiven :p hehe

Jayda said...

I don't like the way Ricky Wilson sings 'Ruby', the actual name, not the whole song. Overall, I'd give the song one thumb up.

Ravine85 said...

Just one thumb, Jayda? lol
I never said it was a musical masterpiece ya gama3a bas it's a fun catchy song. I'll probably be sick of it in a week or so. I'm fickle like that lol.

Mo'men said...

Try "Old Love" from the same unplugged gig

Breath taking, one of the best Piano VS Folk guitar I've ever listened to..