Tuesday, 27 March 2007

The Results Are In , What now?

I hardly ever write about anything political because other people do it much better than I ever could. That's why I didn't mention the "constitutional amendments" or the "referendum" or any of this supposed democratic (LOL, yes I know, I know...) bullshit and decided to boycott like many other people considering what a big lousy joke the whole thing was.
Against my own good sense,I watched "el 3ashera masa2an" or "10 p.m" yesterday and didn't know whether to laugh or cry when they were interviewing the voters. My favorite was this one lady who enthusiastically replied to the reporter when asked about her vote : "Yes, I vote Yes!".
The dismayed reporter (who looked like she was about to creep into a dark corner and crawl into the fetal position at the end of the segment) asked her if she knew what the constitution is. "el Dastoor? Dah kowayes!"

.....Uh wenaby da zay el balsam 3al gar7 ya 7aga.....

The reporter then gave it one last shot and asked her if she knew what the amendments were, to which she replied "No, why don't you tell me...".
Some people thought they were voting for the president, others didn't know what the hell they were voting for, some even thought there was a monetary punishment if you didn't vote. I loved how El-Ahram (the headlines of which hit me like a wall this morning) boasted about the amendments being written on the ballots for the voters to remember. Like , that's actually going to make a difference if they're using their thumbs to sign. It also says that the turnout from rural areas was higher than that from urban areas. Well, good golly! I wonder why...

Oh and lookie here friends and neighbours , according to the government, the turnout was 25-27% and the approval rate was about 75%.

According to human rights and independent groups , it was barely around 5%.

I also found this video on youtube that speaks volumes (kudos and respect to its creators) :


sayed said...

"Elrayes howa meya meya" I think that guy speaks for many Egyptians. But he probably hates the economic situation and the corruption as much, if not more, than the next Egyptian. But he's programmed, brain washed, to always salute "elRayes" in public.

It's this exact culture of fear that we need to, and are starting to, get over. Thanks to activists like Kefaya and political bloggers.

Kefaya nasb, kefaya khoof, kefaya fasad, kefaya ser2a.

Thanks for sharing the video, and I think your posts also speaks volumes, just like the video. It's important that we all voice our opinion about politics, if even through your blog, and even if it's a simple comment like "it's all bullshit" as much as possible. The more of us there are, talking and questioning and challenging, the harder it will be for them to silence, control or instill fear in us.

Eventuality said...

El video fel gon begad :) You know it really portrays the different segments of society very accurately:

1- The ignorant
2- The people who understand but are afraid to speak out
3- The people who speak their minds
4- The people who have no clue yet insist on el 'faty'

spellz said...

"Besm ellah l ra7man l ra7im ana ray7a hasawat le Fat7y sroor lel marra l tanya"

" 7aderetak ih ra2yak fl ta3dilat l dertoreya?"
" wallahi ana banashed l geish eno yegy w y3ml enqelab w y5alasna!"

nice vidoe lol

Juka said...

Ah well, Einstein said it best; "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." That is especially true if you live in this country.

Ravine85 said...

Juka: I LOVE that quote and it rings true in so many ways for so many things.

Reema said...

hiiii dear:*
i hope u r doing great isa with med school girl.

as for ur post, i dont feel that i'm,in any way, qualified to make a stance, since i'm not egyptian. besides, i'm (okay dont laugh at that plz)not well-informed when it comes to politics in general.

yet, in many egyptian blogs, i sensed the dissatisfaction with the amendments. it's huge and evident.

i wish that everything will work to the best of egyptians isa. i love ur country and i love its people. i think they deserve the very best in life.

Mak said...

You should write more politics. I love it.

Ravine85 said...

Thanks Reema :D

Thanks Mak, I'll give it a go every now and then :D