Monday, 2 April 2007

Tagged : Back when we were Young


Well... tagged by juka , so here goes:

1.Did you use to be a good student at school?

Yeah, I was a total teacher's pet whether be it academically or in extra-curricular activities. Been in Honor classes most of my life (with the exception of when arabic brought my grades down one year because I sorta couldn't speak it... yet lol). I was one of those weird creatures who actually liked studying (actually I liked marking things off of my to-do list ...OCD , I know I know) but I hardly showed off in class. In fact, I prefered to listen quietly and just surprise ppl at the end ;).

2.What were your most loved and hated subjects?

Most loved:

Biology, Physics, English,French and Art . I wasn't particularly fond of chemistry except that I had a major soft spot for organic chemistry.

Most hated:

Arabic : didn't matter how hard I tried, I sucked at all things arabic except for grammar.

Economics : No seriously, what was this about?

Philosophy: What is in an "if"? Or an "and" ? Or ..or...o forget it.

Geography: I don't want to know who produces the most grapefruits O.K.?

Mathematics : How can I love physics and hate Maths ? Well, it was more of a love/hate relationship here. I hated it because I sucked at it for the first 5 yrs of school . My fifth grade teacher called it my "monster". I decided it was either me or Maths one day and I totally conquered that mofo . Hah! I ended up enjoying it despite myself really...I especially loved Algebra.

3. When young , what did you want to become?

An astronomer or a doctor. I thought about studying art professionally but I decided I wasn't good enough to pursue a career in it.

Well lemme see, tagging Reema and Spellz.


Juka said...

Hallo. LOL at the "I'm still young dammit". :) We should have a private club somewhere, a teachers pet sorority ;)

Reema said...

heyyy sweetie:*

i hattttted geography too. i used to cry when i was studying it!!it was icky to memorize the weather of each and every freaking country!!!

thanks for the tag ya amar. i'm workin on it right now.mwah

Reema said...

hey Raven:*
i finished the tag.check it mashy


Mak said...

You mean you were good in na7w???

Wow. Na7w was a nightmare.

Ravine85 said...

Juka: the teacher's pet sorority? Aka to the other kids as the loserettes? ;D. Kids were mean in school dammit :(

Reema : Geography is generally unloved lol, I'll check it out thx.

Mak : Yeah, It was the only thing that didn't require being able to write great in Arabic (as in express myself in Arabic..I write like a 3 yr old in Arabic). It had rules and basic guidelines, so I approached it as a series of riddles. I found it quite fun actually :D.

spellz said...

thank u for the tag gurl

Fadfadation said...