Tuesday, 20 March 2007

You know it's flu season when ...

  • You start sneezing all over all your friends and family members.
  • Your nose feels like it's about to fall off your face any minute now.
  • Your face feels like someone's pounding your forehead , pinching your cheeks and twisting your nose in a deadly death grip all at the same time while someone's pulling your teeth out and evil tiny creatures are banging on your ear drums.
  • You wake up feeling like someone just beat the crap out of you while you were sleeping with a pair of heavy old shoes bringing them down wherever they landed, yet somehow you failed to wake up.
  • Your College Dean passes by a miserable pile of human flesh (a.k.a you) sitting on a bench, looks at you long and hard to make sure you're still alive and asks if he should take you to the clinic.(We have a clinic for the students at college? Like, No Way!?)
  • You become a proud source of "El Microbatat ely 3al Microbasat".
  • You drink a strange and mystic mix of herbal infusions yet it doesn't matter because you can't smell or taste them.
  • You start to sound like Janice from friends. Somehow everyone ends up sounding like Janice from friends .
  • You somehow consume enough tissues to make a tissue-paper-wedding-dress. ( Yes, there's an actual game where you do that)
  • You want your mommy to go back to taking care of you all of a sudden.
  • You walk around with your vision blurred, your eyes half open, your mouth open to allow any possible air entry, your balance lost and your hands constantly outstretched in search of your bed. Sorta reminds me of this :