Monday, 12 March 2007

Things I've learned from Med School (part I)

1-Far too many people are too infatuated with how fantastic they are.

2-Professors should be required to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before being unleashed onto the students. Pyscho-Professors turn normal students into Psycho-Students ,some of which one day will become New Psycho-Professors. Thus the Cycle continues and the Earth bleeds.

3-Far too many people have too much potential for split-personality disorder and/or schizophrenia. Yikes.

4-Far too many people look more than willing to kill you in your sleep, even when they're smiling.

5-People should require a license to breed. Too many people produce too many neglected children who either grow up into lousy adults or don't make it to adulthood at all (some of which pay us a visit in the pediatrics ward during their short short lives). Babies are easy to make, raising them well is the actual challenge.

6-Far far too many people seem unreconciled with the idea of wearing deodrant. Wear it people , it's for the benefit of human kind.

7-Too many guys have a long way to go before they're men, too many girls seemed to have flown over the "mademoiselle" station right into the "45 yr old divorcee with 3 kids" station.

I'm Diggin' this song right now : The killers-Read my Mind.


Dee-Vine said...

ur in med school? respect.

Reema said...

that's hilarious ravin:))

wish u all the luck girl.
and thanks bgad for the french movies u recommended. thats so kind and sweet of u. i cant thank u enough.
hugs and hugs

Ravine85 said...

dee-vine:thx :D but don't be fooled, we're awful awful ppl lol.

reema: you're welcome hon, I hope you enjoy them
thx. :D

spellz said...

:D :D :D :D
cant agree more especially "the Deodrant thing" :D
Lol gurl we r really suffering
next time please right about how gentle are the guys and how delicate are the gurls
and how much do we benifit from our beloved colg

Ravine85 said...

Spellz : so much to write about our college hon ,so little time ;)