Wednesday, 2 May 2007

SmartAss Teacher Syndrome

I’ve come to the conclusion that after a certain number of years, educators (whether teachers or professors) start to fall victim to the ridiculous assumption that just because they’ve seen a lot of "those kids” come and go, they can simply take a look at one of them and tell what they’re all about.

Generalizations, condescendence and even premonitions of what the bleak future of these students holds then ensue.

I don’t get it really, is there a particular elixir they hand out to you when you start teaching that gives you superhuman powers to see into the souls, hearts and minds of all you students? Don’t they realize that individuality and creativity are already weak on their own without their attempts while in a position of influence, to generalize characteristics which can’t possibly apply to every single kid in a classroom and that lumping us into categories that are easy to remember really diminish the possibilities of people reaching their full potential ? Why do they insist on continually drilling into our heads that we’re all “lazy”, “parrots”, “of diminished IQ”, “spoilt”, blah, blah , blah ..etc. etc. etc. since we’re children until we actually believe it and start calling each other the same. If teachers/professors aren’t supposed to give you a chance to show them what you’re truly made of without preconceived notions, who should?

Just last week, a certain dermatology professor decided that a student who showed up late wearing a baseball cap must have been a spoilt professor’s kid who only shows up to rounds when he has the time and really doesn’t have to work hard like everybody else. Well zippidee doo da , why didn’t I think of that when I saw him? I mean since it’s so obvious and everything *snicker*. He actually said all this after the guy left and I’m not sure if he realized that instead of agreeing with him we all thought he was either an (a) manic depressive (b) moron (c) both. Then he proceeded to point out how we’ve all become lazy, students with no goals or motives. Um , yeah….we all give off the exact same vibe I’m sure. So he not only made several completely ridiculous assumptions but actually managed to project himself as an asshole thus losing all respect we had for him. I’m not expecting him to get to know us each intimately but if he doesn’t even make the effort with a few of us then he should just (in the words of the great common man) stick his tongue back in his mouth, shut up and teach.
We don’t need your assumptions, your mundane theories about life, your clever clever attempts at sarcasm. Just do your job and let us do ours and we’ll both be better off ,believe me.


Juka said...

LOL. We used to get given similar speeches in university. On how we are an ignorant spoilt generation!!!

Forsoothsayer said...

yeah i'm so glad that's over for me. but we are a spoiled-ass generation i think.


Ravine85 said...

Juka: Don't you just love how they make you embrace life with open arms?
Forsoothsayer: 2 extra yrs of professors are the worst thing about med school. I think every generation is spoilt compared to the one before no reason to talk down to them all the time.

condescendence and condescension always confused me but are actually both correct.thx.

Juka said...

Ravine.. dahling.. I've tagged you for the Thinking Blogger Award :)

Om Luji said...

Are professors still doing that? Well, you shouldn't take it seriously. Actually they suffer a lot. I remember one of my professors who was a very old lady and how she used to start her lecture by insulting us. She believed she wasn't getting the respect she deserved. She also kept talking about how rude the students have become. One of them was sitting on her car and when she came to open the door he didn't move. Then when she told him to back off, he just gave her a look and said "Ok, mtza3aleesh nafsek." She then kept talking about the days when students used to take another road if they saw their teacher walking down theirs. Begad we should pity them.

Sou said...

Erm, how comforting, so I'll be doing that to the students of tomorrow?

Ya 7aram, the poor kids :p lol

Eventuality said...

It's just something you have to go through :) Although I do think that many, yet not all, kids these days are spoilt and disrespectful.

Ravine85 said...

Om luji : I know what you mean but when it comes to being spooked by profs, that's actually quite common in our faculty considering the amount of grades riding on oral and practical (which for the most part are also oral) exams where a professor only has to dislike your appearance to hurt your grades hard(if he's one of the "malignant" ones of course. It's not that we have incredible manners compared to everyone else, it's just that we are in fact intimidated by our profs quite a bit.

Sou: You'll be an evil spirit-breaking teacher? la la la , I'm sure you'll belong to the nice 10%. You had better, kids are vicious these days :P.

Eventuality : The thing is they don't really need any disrespect to provoke them. They're like pre-provoked already or something lol.

Ravine85 said...

O and juka : Thank you, hon! Very kind of you really :D
I just need to come up with a list now :S