Tuesday, 17 April 2007

I'm still alive barely...

I just had to mention that I didn't abandon my lil' cyber blob or anything. I just had a test which went swimmingly well! ( lol, is it obvious that I'm lying? what gave it away? was it "swimmingly"?).
Actually,this week sucked like no other: studying for the test, the flu, throwing up, my mother and I arguing for the umpteenth time..lotsa fun. THEN I go in to one of our resident crazy cat ladies/professors to be tested on an X-ray that was actually not black and white but a pale sickly GREEN. Yes, ladies and gentlemen green. I walked around the room for about 10 mins looking for any source of light that made it viewable but to no avail. She looked pissed off...and she wasn't lookin' very pretty all pissed off like that, especially in that shitty lighting. Then the day ends in a magnificent sandstorm. By the time I got home, I had sand in my eyes, my mouth, my throat, my hair (my friends in dermatology kept joking about how it looked like pediculosis/ lice infestation...ha-ha guys, real comedians the lot of you), my clothes and my toes. This is turning out to be a lovely week :S...

Anyway, here's Mika's Love Today...I've been humming it for about a week now:


Juka said...

Oooooooooh Sou 3amla shoghl, she got to you too. I'm now also...a MIKAfan

Sou said...

Here's eh?! Here's meen?!!! Here's EHHH?!! Asl el kalam mesh wade7!

Did I just read 'Love Today'?!!! feels good to know that I've converted more people into Mikaianity :D

Wait till I show you the autograph he made out to me (with my name misspelt kal3ada *sigh*) On second thoughts, heya gat 3aleh? He can call me Buthayna for all I care, el mohem it's out to MOI! ;)

It helps to have friends who live abroad 3ala fekra, LOL

"Carolina sits on nine to fiiiive, give her a dollar and she'll....."

Ravine85 said...


This song is so damn catchy lol. I still maintain that grace kelly is an annoying song though!But this one's purdy :D

Congrats ya Buthayna on the autograph btw ;D.

Sou said...

He didn't call me Buthayna ya Ravine, lol. Bas ba2ollek ya3ni eno momken ye-call me Buthayna, for example :p lol

I'll send you the scan of it, rowaydek, rowayedek :D

Ravine85 said...

lol mana 3arfa alah....ana i'm teasing you ya buthayna 3ady 3ady.

Reema said...

hiii girl
thanks for the clip sweetie
i adorrrre Mika bgad. his songs are amazing and refreshing. i even like his clip of "grace kelly">>it's so cute!

Juka said...

OK, I know that being a med student is the equivilent of being clinically dead.. but still come on.. a little livelyness around here. I demand a post.. an update.. 2olly 7aga ay 7aga.