Monday, 4 June 2007

This has got to be some sort of joke...

Yesterday , I had to do a double take when I was watching the news because I heard about this . Apparently, Palestinian islamists have been threatening to decapitate female Palestinian TV reporters for the protection of the ethics and morals of the nation. They seem to have reached the decision that "uncovered" women (i.e. not covering their faces) on Television are ruining the ethics of the Palestinian youth and corrupting the society, therefore they resolved that they would generously take it upon themselves to go ahead and behead those harlots.
Why didn't anyone tell me that the struggle of the Palestinian people was over with Israel and that there was peace in the middle east!? No more bombs, No more killing! Well, hurrah , hurrah! All we have to do now is tear the heads off of those pesky, distracting female reporters on TV and all our troubles will be over!

...What do you say...? There still isn't peace in the middle east?


This is how they think they're going to better their country!? By beheading women and blowing up internet cafes!? When did this popular theory emerge all over the Arab and Islamic world that by covering up women, somehow someway, any and all problems would just , disappear? I knew this theory was popular but I just never thought it would manifest itself this way in a place riddled with enough problems to last it a few lifetimes.
Yes, yes I know that they're living in difficult conditions and they use islam as a means to hold on to a glimmer of hope but frankly, I'm quite pissed off about people acting like retards/barbarians/utter idiots and taking islam down in the gutter with them. You want to act like criminals? Do it on your own account for once. I should probably say that these extremist groups with nothing better to do then to annihilate all God-Given rights women have and then go off to blow up a cafe or a mall or something before dinner , should step up and act like men and take responsibility for their actions without hiding behind religion. I should say that, but I can't, because it seems that they've been literally spat out of the category of "men" quite a long time ago.


Fantasia said...

They have a battle to fight. Their target however seems too difficult to defeat so they switched their forces to the easy devils on earth: women! Violence is a fever, and when it takes over it can take any course. These people are not fighting to liberate their land, they are fighting the enemies of God. Enemies of God according to their point of view can be anyone who doesn't follow the exact Islamic rules (the way they interpreted them). So the definition of enemy of God becomes so flexible that it can include you and me, and even the prophet himself if he raises and tells them that what they're doing is wrong. Chill, sister. It's an ugly world!

Ponentin said...

Well, as I see it, decapitating female Palestinian reporters is an immoral act itself. Let us issue a message in which we threaten to decapitate Islamists who threaten to decapitate female Palestinian reporters..

Om Luji said...

I have all the right to be depressed then! What's that for God's sake?
Yeah, right, go burn them! That's what we need at this point!

pink said...

well explained fantasia. i didn't see that that could be a way of thinking

HalalHippie said...

Just imagine Israel "wiped off the map" and all Jews vanished from the face of the Earth. Would the PA's get their ¤#"! together ? I doubt it.

Maybe it a psychological problem more than a religious or political problem.

Muslim women, you have the power to make a change. How much longer are you gonna put up with it ?

Ravine85 said...

Fantasia : Thx for the great comment. I get all that , yet it still pisses me off to no end. I can't help it!

Ponentin: How about just locking them up then somehow "misplacing" the key?

Halalhippie: I'm guessing when they become pez dispensers.