Wednesday, 20 June 2007

It’s all in the technique

I’m sure we all (the ones with functioning brains at least) know that harassment is a horrible vile thing particularly because of how degrading and violating it is to women.

The thing I don’t get, is why would a pompous, self-absorbed jackass who thinks women were all created for his own personal entertainment do something as useless, inane and just plain stupid as harassment that eventually succeeds in doing nothing but making him look like an idiot?

To further explain my point; let’s examine some common techniques guys use to harass women:

-Walking up near a woman close enough so she can hear you whisper something obscene. She doesn’t understand what you said, she doesn’t care what you said, your breath stinks, you stink and you still suck at life.

-Honking a horn when you see an attractive woman. What’s the expected reaction here exactly? Should said woman throw herself at your car’s windshield? Wave? Chase the car wherever it may go because she is now certain beyond all doubt after hearing that heavenly horn that you (yes, you!) are the one for her?

-Swerving your car at an attractive woman in the street. Now what the hell is this about? I mean, I know if I was a guy, whenever I see a hot girl my immediate reaction would be to run her over! Yeah, baby, yeah!

-Walking as close to her as possible and singing. Seriously? That’s like, supposed to have a deeper meaning? Besides that your vocal cords need to be either lubricated or just pulled out for the sake of humanity?

-Comparing an attractive woman to various foods like “eshta/cream cheese” or “3asal/honey.” Or “zebda/butter”. What girl doesn’t want to hear herself compared to gooey, sticky fattening foods that send your cholesterol through the roof all day long ? It actually manages to make the perpetrator seem even more disgusting (hard as it is to believe) . I’m guessing it’s the drool that adds that extra “eww” .

-Grabbing your privates. Good God ! It isn’t enough that for some reason the majority of men think it’s actually OK to adjust um…themselves any where, any time (IT”S NOT DAMMIT, IT”S NOT!), they actually think that it’s somehow enticing.

The overall gain from these techniques is either being completely ignored, being looked at with disgust or if a girl is especially having a bad morning , a minor scandal to spice up the day.

What’s the point ? Even if you don’t have the least bit of respect for women, why do something so incredibly moronic? I don’t care if you can’t get married, or if the economic conditions are harsh bla bla bla…if you don’t give a rat’s ass about women and their rights at least maintain a shred of dignity for your own sake every once in a while.


MechanicalCrowds said...

Very well said girl!

Juka said...

You go GIRL! Totally agree.