Monday, 2 July 2007

Pet Peeves that bring out the axe murder in you

I'm not talking about things that simply "annoy" you, I'm talking about things that elicit a strong desire in you to inflict physical injury, a desire that you have to work very, very hard to contain. Then again, my mother says I'm a violent person by nature...(Not because I enjoyed hurting small animals as a child but because I slam doors a little too hard and open jars a little too aggressively. *sigh*Don't ask)

-In a crowded line towards an exit when someone insists on laying their hands on you as if somehow that's going to propel both of you towards the door any faster. What's especially irritating, is the fact that they're really not important enough to be in such a hurry.
Hey there, strange person behind me...hands to yourself or I'm gonna cut ya! O.K now?

-When you're standing on a bus with a heavy book bag , rocking back and forth in rhythm with the lovely elevations and depressions of our streets and someone sitting down asks you to please stand still because your bag is brushing against his/her shoulder and causing a great deal of annoyance. They usually throw in a grimace of disgust for good measure
How about I just knock you unconscious with my big bad bag, so we can both have a nicer bus trip home, sir? Would that make you any more comfortable?

-If I have trouble doing something with my hands and someone actually pushes my hand away forcefully to do it themselves. I'm not a 2 yr old you moron nor are we living in the stone age, anymore where language was kinda scarce. We can c-o-m-m-u-n-i-c-a-t-e with s-p-e-e-c-h and w-o-r-d-s.
Otherwise, me get very angry of you and me want to smack your face in real bad.

-You can't do (insert anything e.g. be a surgeon) because you're a woman and you'll have a husband and children to keep you busy OR Brilliant statements along the lines of "women are taking all our jobs after graduation, you girls know you'll become housewives eventually". Yes, I'm a girl/woman/chick and being one , I own plenty of high heels. Would you like me to introduce you to their business ends?

-Pimply faced teenagers , wearing a cap glued to their head (that seems to be disintegrating into it's primary components...the cap not their heads...I think) ,who you can hardly see behind their steering wheels and who are always in a hurry to get somewhere. Where the hell are you in such a hurry to? To put out a forest fire? To free Palestine? To save a bunch of orphans from child labour? WHAT!?
If you're a pedestrian, they're fully intent on running you over when you dare to cross the street. If you're a driver , they shine the light in your eyes and insist on somehow passing you because if they're gonna kill themselves in a car accident , then they might as well take you with them!
You just wanna pull 'em them over and just...!#(%() get what I mean, right?

*Deep Breath*..That felt good.


jm1234567890 said...

I personally deal with people who any me by forgiving them as soon as the incident happens. Make you less angry.

Ravine85 said...

Well,Good for you. When random ppl are rude to me, I hardly remember them to be honest. I just remember what they did, especially that a lot of ppl tend to enjoy being rude. I don't exactly track them down to chase them around their neighborhood's with a butcher knife or anything, heck I hardly raise my voice at them unless I absolutely have to. It's a momentary anger that I really don't mind. Not really a matter of forgiving them or not.

pink said...

ha ha ha. I personally hate the ageism, oh you're young, you can't know anything- smirk grin.

I also hate the know it all paternalistic culture in the male sex. I am a man, therefore i know all things and you need to listen to me weak young female,,,,oh i do feel faint

Ravine85 said...

"oh i do feel faint"

Ditto on both accounts. Civility is such a wonderful thing, isn't it?. You feel like setting fire to people all the time because of what they do/say , yet you just smile and hope that they burst into flames spontaneously.

Daysleeper said...

ooo i DESPISE that hand thing, my ex used to do that.

and i've actually been run over by a car--obviously it wasn't too serious but the asshole driver had the audacity to get out and YELL at me

all i could think to yell back was "hatza3a2 bardo?!" and i swear he was actually contemplating it!

i have the violent jar opening tendencies too-- got a yellow stress ball with a smiley face on it that inevitably became a yellow lump with an odd black smudge. worked wonders though :)

nice blog

Ravine85 said...

Daysleeper: I had the exact same thing happen to me a couple of years ago. A guy hit when I was attempting to get off a bus (just causing ridiculously HUGE bruising and nothing worse, thank God) and actually just stopped to yell at me for getting off!
I've been meaning to get me a few of those stress thingies. Like a carton or something. You know, something to last me through the next year keda lol.

Thx for stopping by :D