Monday, 13 August 2007

Greetings Earthlings

No , no. The fact that I haven't written anything in this blog isn't because of random experimental alien abduction. At least none that I know of ...but the truth is like, totally out there , dude.

Anyway, the fact is I had a couple of tests in the 2 colossal subjects I have this year ; internal medicine and pediatrics. They both sort of included the entire syllabus, yet strangely enough , they weren't my part of my finals which start in less than 6 weeks. Only in med school do we find this strange proliferation of exams until they make sure they've got you cornered for the entire summer.
In this past week I've discovered that my capacity for staying up multiple nights (till maybe 6 a.m.) with very little sleep is increasing. The fact that I'm walking into inanimate objects all day long is completely irrelevant. As long as I can read , the bruises are just fine. I've also noticed that late at night, around 3 a.m., I seem to recall every single horror movie I've seen and every horror book I've read (plenty of both). The secret to not freaking myself out is to keep making continuous noise. If I sit silently for too long, I start to think that maybe someone /something is whispering my name (something possibly *in the house*) and then ..and then , maybe I'll spot something (let say it's human-like but entirely black, with shiny yellow eyes and sharp colgate-smile-white teeth) grinning at me in the doorway which would probably prompt me to run into my parents room to ask for help except *gasp* , they've been transformed into flesh eating zombies (*braaaaaainssss*) and they're out TO GET ME....this is usually the point where I realize that it's time for another cup of coffee.
My finals start on the 27th of September insha2alah and continue to the first of November. Internal medicine is a 4 day test and before anyone (dares) to ask me the brilliant question : " like omigod, you actually stay there for like, 4 days? " ...No, we don't. It's Just so friggin' big that they decided to examine us 2-3 hrs everyday for 4 days till they run out of material. Did I mention that it'll be Ramadan, one with very long summer days, at the time? As Sue would say, O joy O my friend S.I. would say , cover me and cry. Our student union asked our Dean to push it back a couple of weeks but the comedian he is at heart , forced him to enthrall us with this line : "Why don't you ask the Mofti to push back Ramadan a couple of weeks..Neeyahahaha", to which medical students in houses around Cairo responded with a collective chant of " Burst into flames! Burst into flames!". The chant didn't work though, we were missing a vial of a virgin medical professor's blood.
We've got some black, black days ahead of us...

On a lighter note, you know that new Ahmed 7elmy movie, "keda reda"? Yeah..aha...don't see it. A friend convinced us to go see it yesterday after the exam , seeing as we could've used a few laughs and we ended up walking out of the movie before it ended. I don't know if it's the fact that I have a mild degree of depression but is the Egyptian threshold for cracking up getting lower by the minute? I wanted to grab the guy sitting behind me in the theater by the collar , shake him and ask him " What are you laughing about!? Huh? Huh? It's NOT funny, it's STUPID! Do you want to be a mindless baboon? Huh? *slap slap*Do you!?Do you!? ". He was well over six feet and looked like he was well-fed , so I decided against it.

I saw this song on scrubs (so typical, isn't it?) and I really like it :

Bub-bye, now.


greyscale said...

come on!! that movie was hilarious!

rabbena ma3aky fel exams.

ZeRoCoOl said...

good luck on your exam results.....

Juka said...

Greetings! I take it you come in peace. :p I didn't find the movie funny either, but I still liked it! Wa7shany. Sign in more often.

Ravine85 said...

Greyscale: I was slightly depressed so that could've been the reason but the movie seemed like a string of really lame jokes. Thx !

ZeroCool:thx :D

Juka : U 2. I'm afraid of the PC now because I know that if I wander away from my desk , it'll be hard to go back lol.