Friday, 24 August 2007

Note to self for future consideration....

Believe it or not kid, people are not always hiding behind house plants waiting for you to trip and fall on your face , so they could snicker and whisper about what a clumsy klutz you are.
In fact, the majority of people do in fact have lives and hardly notice you,
or the way you walk ..
or your blemishes..
or the way you tend to spill coffee on yourself when you're busy thinking..
or how your voice tends to climb up a notch or two when you're chatting enthusiastically with your friends ..
or how you still mess up your verbs and nouns when you speak Arabic...
Stop being paranoid! Stop looking over your shoulder
and for the love of God, stop worrying about what people you don't know or don't even like think about you because it takes up too much energy and too much of what precious little brain space you have to do so.
You've got your friends , you've got your family and you've got your life. Enjoy them while they're here
and keep in mind that a few a years down the road,
you'll realize that you were never nearly obnoxious enough or hideous enough to elicit complete strangers on sight you tend to imagine now.
And even if you did....well, you can't really please everybody, everywhere, all the time, can you?

..So stop trying , why don't ya!?


Juka said...

OK, while I totally agree, what in the world brought that on?!

ZeRoCoOl said...

"precious little brain space you have to do so."---------By the end of med school what you had thought was little will expand 10 times and not by your choosing......fellow #4 lol