Monday, 1 October 2007

Tag : Five reasons why I wish I was 3

I knew I said that I wouldn't be writing for a while on my blog, considering I'm still trapped in the deep dark abyss that is my medical school finals ( Hide your women and children , folks. These things are dangerous!) but this tag (from Om Luji) was just way too cute !

Five reasons why I wish I was 3 :

1-It was the end of the era during which being chubby was cute .

2-It was so easy to please your parents. For example, going potty within the vicinity of the bathroom ( rather than..well..somewhere else) was an actual cause of celebration for the whole family.

3-No matter what you did, from drooling to trying to strangle the family cat, it was still considered cute.

4-Sleeping excessively was always attributed to your active growth process rather than being incredibly lazy.

5- Hair care products cost much less than the small fortune I currently spend(especially that my parents were the ones who did the spending !) .

OK , then! Tagging everyone who reads this :D .


hesperia said...

five reasons?? r u kidding me? i can think of at least a hundred! seriously, not complaining, but at 3...
btw, i just read ur post on the "anti-female professor dr.usama", i dont know who he is (soon i probably will) but i gotta tell ya, he sounds like a total jerk! but then again, i know this joke;
a doctor was to perform brain transplant and he told the patient's family: i got a male brain for $1000, and a female one for $500(or so), a rather upset woman asked the dr: why less for the female brain?? the dr replies: coz it's used! LOL
can't stop them...beat them at their own game ;)

Om Luji said...

Yes, there was a time when being chubby was cute :) Now we have to be skinny, and eating a meal becomes a difficult test.
Liked your answers to the tag so much.
Which hair products do you use? I myself spend a fortune on serums and hair color. I'm still not satisfied with the results.

Ravine85 said...

Hesperia : I was limited unfortunately to just five :/
love the joke :D
You're a fellow victim aka med student huh? May the force be with you my friend! :X
I can't figure out Dr.Usama really. I'm not entirely sure he's anti-female and sometimes I think he says the things he does to rile us up a bit. Other times I'm thinking " Burst into flame you caveman!" . I have to admit , he's a great teacher though ( most of the time..).

Om Luji : EXACTLY! Now I actually have to count the calories I put into my body..and it sucks big time.
Thx..I spend a fortune on everything from expensive conditioners to serums to sprays/mousses..etc.
I have thick curly hair and it costs a lot whether I want to wear it straight or in curls. :/ I've tried most of the curly hair products in the market now. Most of them are NOT worth the money!