Sunday, 4 November 2007

Movie Reviews

First of all...I'M FREEEEE....*does several awkward little dances* freedom is mine , after 2 pediatrics and 10 (count 'em, TEN) Internal medicine exams over the last 2 months, they finally ran out of exams! I can now sit down and do NOTHING! Or you , of course!
Here are a couple of movie reviews of movies I've just seen. One of them is kinda new and one is kinda old :

Kinda old : 28 weeks later

Robert Carlyle , Catherine McCormack and directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
I was kind of disappointed by this one. It's not that it's a bad movie , it's just that like most sequels , it failed to live up to its predecessor. Danny Boyle's 28 days later is one of my favorite movies and it wasn't just a horror movie about flesh eating humans infected by a rage virus, it was also about human beings (normal ones...) under extreme situations. It also included subtle and clever political and social commentary. However , with 28 weeks later , it felt like the movie concentrated on the flesh eating aspect rather than the human aspect and even when there was a glimpse of some sort of emotionally engaging storyline , they go off and infect one of the main protagonists halfway through the movie . In the end I felt there was too much gore and not enough story to carry the movie through.
It was a fun movie to watch, just not very memorable.

Kinda New : 1408

John Cusack , Samuel L.Jackson directed by Mikael Hafstrom
What if there were a hotel room ,with all it's creepy familiarity , with all those little soap bars , chocolates and alcohol bottles was actually an embodiment of your worst nightmares?
Based on a novel by Stephen King , here, the main character is a cynical horror novelist who goes in search of actual paranormal activity across the country , looking for hotels/mansions that actually live up to their reputation of being haunted. He gets more than he bargains for when his curiosity gets the better of him after he receives a postcard warning him about room 1408 in the Dolphin Hotel of New York.
The thing I liked about this movie, was that all your expectations are likely to be off target. Just when you think something is supposed to happen, it doesn't . Just when you think it's all about to end peacefully, it still doesn't. I really enjoyed this movie, so did my non-horror-movie-fan friends. This isn't the first time Stephen King has based a horror novel on an inanimate object that is pure evil (see Night shift) . They all seem so harmless just sitting there don't they? Mwaha.. haha..hahahaha..sorry I had to do that .
I really recommend this one!


WS said...

u r free?


cause i'll be soon

very soon


free forever

after 77 months of hell

Ravine said...

ws : dude, your comment initially freaked me out (lack of coffee..long story)
anyway , the 77 mths will pass quicker than you think. g-luck.