Friday, 9 November 2007

Things I just don't understand the popularity of ...

Yes, yes ... I realize I complain ..a lot. I can't help it though, I'm just built this way and I always find fuel all around me that keeps me going.
Take these things, I just don't get why they're so damn popular. I'm not insulting people who do them/enjoy them (not all of them , anyway) , I just can't my wrap my mind around why they're so ubiquitous.

Regarding Fashion:

- The eye-popping muffin-top look: It's when a combination of a size-too-small jeans and a top tucked into said jeans produces the characteristic stuffed sausage look , no matter what weight you are. Why go and defy the laws of nature like that?
And if you're still wondering why it's called a muffin-top , well..:

- Baggy jeans a.k.a the runaway jeans phenomenon : As colorful the patterns of many boxer shorts are, I really , really don't enjoy seeing them wherever I go . I thought the whole concept of underwear was that it stays under the clothes. It's really not supposed to pop out every few minutes to greet the person seated behind you.

- Wearing something tight enough to show the outline of your belly button: Until recently, I didn't think this look was even possible. It's an interesting concept trying to point out exactly where you used to be attached to your mother before you graced the world with your presence but it also looks like your belly button is attacking your shirt, or that you're smuggling a CD, or doughnut or a bagel or something under there.

-Flip-flops on guys
: I've mentioned this before but I cannot stress this enough, looking next to me and seeing really big , hairy toes wiggling around is just tres, tres creepy.

g driving:

-Driving and chit-chatting on your mobile : Really, now. Are you that important? Is that call really that crucial? And if you wanna show off, why not show off your ability to afford a bluetooth ear piece car kit or something else that doesn't guarantee collision with the driver ahead of you. If you were only at risk of running into a wall or a lamp post or something just so you could get your lolz while driving with your best friend on the line, there wouldn't be a problem. The thing is , you're likely to hurt someone else and that's not fair , is it? I mean if you're gonna kill yourself, do it alone.

-Driving in the wrong direction:
I see this all the time on Cairo-Ismailia road. People are actually too lazy to drive 200 metres to the nearest U-turn , so they can drive in the same direction as everyone else. What's interesting , is that there's usually an accident site nearby , not surprisingly, also caused by another lazy-ass moron. You'd think they'd head the warning but nooo, nuh-uh. These guys are "special", they don't need no stinkin' brains to drive. Another case of kill yourself alone, please.

Regarding T.V. :

-Prison break : They plan an escape, something goes wrong. They plan another escape, something else goes wrong. It gets a bit tiring after a while and how long do they think they can keep this up before they actually end up escaping? Almost everybody I know watches this show...

-Obnoxious guys with great wives/girlfriends on sitcoms and cartoons : According to Jim, still standing , grounded for life , the family guy , the Simpsons..etc.
It would've been O.K. if it were only that these guys are completely incompatible physically with their wives (i.e. fat bald guys married to really hot chicks) but they're also obnoxious , immature, irresponsible and just a wee bit retarded . Yet these shows are popular and have been running for many seasons. It's a conspiracy I tell you!

Regarding Facebook

-Applications, applications, applications all over the place : I have to admit that some of them are fun but its like every single brain fart around the world is being turned into a facebook application.

- Listing the "Holy Qur'an" as one of your favorite books: Well technically, If you're actively practicing a particular religion, you're not exactly at much liberity to dislike the holy text book/ rule book of said religion and therefore it's kinda ridiculous listing it as one of your favorite books.

-About a gazillion groups for "booby tata7ada al malal!" (booby defies boredom) : It's always nice to know that the sight of a hot chick in a a push-up bra and a really low-cut shirt (who is suspiciously named, of all things, "booby") can drive legions of Egyptian men into a state of chronic persistent puberty. It's highly amusing how these groups are listed in guys' profiles usually right next to their Amr Khaled groups. My favorite was one group which actually put up a notice before the last ten days of Ramadan telling its members to stop uploading pictures until the last ten days of Ramadan are over, then they would meet again after Eid.
Now, that's what I call entertainment!


spellz said...

the pics in regarding fashion r hilarious

I remember that they talked about the hot chicks marrying ugly guys thing in frnds or something
the guys were so happy with it
it always give hope to guys... w7na msh mohem :S


ya benty homa ma2aroosh gheir l quraan aasasan materegehomsh ;-D

Booby...... no F comment!!

Eventuality said...

Hehe :) I like the muffin top comment the most. I don't know why overflowing hip/side fat is cool these days...Do you think it represents bursting femininity/fertility maybe? :D

I would like to add one more fashion faux pas though: CARINA tops. Everyone wears them under EVERYTHING it's driving me crazy. I don't know what is cool about wrapping your upper body in synthetic fabric that makes a point of sticking to every inch of your skin and not allowing an inkling of air to pass through.

Juka said...

You just dissed Prison Break woman! How could you?! I mean, if not for the plot, LOOK AT HIM. Other than that, I vehemently concur :)

Wild at Heart said...

I agree with Juka. They're in for Wentworth ya Ravine :D

Ravine said...

eventuality: The carina legions are way too big and strong for me to attack.

Juka and Wild heart : I won't deny what a pretty man he is but damn girls, he's got "I'm gay and loving it" written all over him.