Sunday, 24 February 2008

It's that time of the year again...

Yep, it's here, again! That time of the year where I give you my absolutely random and useless Oscar predictions.

Here goes:

Best Actor : Daniel Day Lewis for There will be blood...a no-brainer, he's got the buzz, the Golden Globe, the BAFTA and The SAG. Plus, he's DDL and everyone loves him.

Won't be surprised though if ...No other guesses, here.

Best Actress: This one is a bit tricky. The competition is between Marion Cotillard and Julie Christie. One one hand, Marion has been getting a lot of buzz. On the other Julie is a legend and not really in need of much buzz anyway. Also, there's the nature of their roles. Marion is in a biopic as Edith Piaf in la vie en rose a.k.a la mome and Julie Christie is playing an Alzheimer's disease patient in Away from her. It's common knowledge that the Academy LOVES both debilitating conditions/handicaps in movies and biopics. Then there's the fact that Marion has a Golden Globe (for best actress in a comedy/musical) and the BAFTA but Julie has the SAG and also a Golden Globe (for best actress).

My money is on Julie Christie, though. That's because the Academy loves old people who happen to be movie legends.

Won't be surprised though if ....Marion Cotillard wins.

Best Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem for No country for old men. No brainer here, too. If simply to make up for the fact that the Academy neglected to nominate him for his amazing role in the Spanish-language movie; The sea inside.

Won't be surprised though if
...No other guesses, here.

Best Supporting Actress:
Cate Blanchett as err...Bob Dylan :D. This is another tough one because they're all fine performances but first of all Cate is nominated for both best actress and best supporting actress, so she's likely to go home with an award. Also, she's likely to lose for a second time this year the best actress award for her AMAZING portaryl of Queen Elizabeth. Everyone knows she should have won the first time instead of Gwenyth Paltrow and although Cate has won best supporting actress before for Aviator, I won't be surprised if the Academy give it to her a second time to make up for not giving her an award for Elizabeth.

Won't be surprised though if ....Ruby Dee (SAG winner) or Amy Ryan win for American Gangster and Gone baby gone, respectively.

Best Movie: My first guess would be No country for old men.

Won't be surprised though if.......Atonement wins.

Best Director: The Coen Brothers for No country for old men.

Won't be surprised though if....No other guesses, here.


Sou said...

Totally not into the Oscars this year. A briefing on Google the next morning is enough, hehe.

I hope your predictions come true! :)

Ravine said...

I'm not that into them either, this year. I used to always, ALWAYS have to stay up and watch the live broadcast. This time I was like,"screw the oscars, I need my beauty sleep!"