Sunday, 1 June 2008

Random Embarrassing Situation

So I had an Obstetrics and Gynecology exam recently. It was one of those exams where they threateningly go "SHIFT!" every 5 minutes (or so they say-- it feels like we shift according to the time it takes a resident to yawn in between well.. shifts). As a result your brain goes into overload and fries itself until it recovers of course right after the exam and you wonder how you could have been such a moron to mess up like that.
So I go in all ready for action. I was going to do all that I could with the patient in the hypothetical 5 minutes that I had. I choose the first relatively high surface I find to begin writing on. I go ahead with the questions and the patient quietly says " Doctor, do you mind my stomach, please?". I look down in horror to realize that the "high surface" I have chosen is the pregnant patient's belly and not a commode of some sort. Then again, you'd think I would find it suspicious that there's a commode sprouting out of the middle of the friggin' bed. *Facepalm*
It gets even worse when she answers one of my questions by saying "this is my tenth pregnancy, I've had nine miscarriages". She then adds with a glare " I hope this one works out!".

Now, where's that dude telling you to shift when you actually need him!?


beebogates said...

yay second post in one week! I can totaly get used to this :P

that last post was fictional wasnt it? you didnt actually do that? cz if you did and they saw you do it.. oh well

Anonymous said...

u r great :)

Anonymous said...

i really can't get enough of ur "creative" sarcasm.
i can't stop laughing ,aswell.

Wild at Heart said...

On a totally different note, I've finally replied to your tag!

Ravine said...

Beebogates: DON'T JUDGE ME! ( and no, thankfully it was just for half a minute, so I don't think anyone really saw me.)

Anonymous: Thanks, I'm flattered! :D

Wild at Heart: Finally! You've completed the tag according to AST (Arab standard time) :P.
I'll check it out now =).

haijekov said...


a fellow NIN fan :) that's cool.

i still can't get along with the second half of the SLIP yet ... guess i'm in the mood for something more lively... right now i'm hung on Head Down, but i guess i'll mellow out soon.

Ravine said...


I don't care how corny this sounds but I'm glad I finally found you lol :P.

I'm glad there's someone in Egypt who doesn't say "wut?" when I mention NIN.
Head Down is my second favorite on the track after Demon Seed but I love the entire second half like I've mentioned but I guess it's because I've been listening to "Still" a lot recently.

haijekov said...

Still's Something I Can Never Have ... this could actually be my favorite NIN track ever!!!!

girl i compliment your taste!

Ravine said...

Thanks! Same to you, sir. Same to you. =D