Thursday, 29 May 2008

Random Movie Reactions...

Here I am emerging once again from the dark abyss that is medical school to the breathe the air of the normal life that includes normal stuff like " fun " , "movies" , "music" etc. If only for a little while..

My God, that sounded lame....

Anyway...Here are some random movie trailers I've seen lately + commentary by me because you just know that I can't shut up.

Tropic Thunder

I need to see this movie. I truly believe that my life will be happier when I do. I'm so happy Rober Downey Jr. has succeeded in achieving his grand "comeback" which I think probably started with "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" and now has culminated with "Iron Man" because he has always been such an underrated actor. In this movie he actually plays a white Australian actor playing the role of a black the least you can say about the man is that he's versatile!

Also, I know I'm weird but I find Ben Stiller to be a very strangely attractive (if short) man . I will go hang my head in shame now.

Prom Night

So like, some people, like , totally thought people needed to see yet another horror movie remake. So this movie is like about this bad-ass-psycho-OMG-stalker dude who's like totally hellbent on killing all these hot teenagers at their prom. Like what a nightmare, right? So all the hot girls are like all running away and tripping over their own totally hot dresses. Then there's the obligatory " Like, omg why don't you just -like- leave me alone? eeeeek". The movie probably ends with just enough leeway for a possible sequel cos like, this is cinematic GENIUS that needs to be totally seen over and over again.

What Happens in Vegas

Cameron Diaz is actually orange in this movie. ORANGE. That is all.

Harold and Kumar escape from Guatanamo Bay

I honestly thought the first one was totally hysterical, so I'm really looking forward to seeing this one. Just fun stoner comedy.
Random Fact : Christopher Meloni (Elliott Stabler from Law & Order : SVU) has a small role her as the KKK leader. He also played "Freakshow" in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. I didn't know the man had it in him to be so funny =D.

Disclaimer: I haven't seen any of these movies. These are my impressions based on this trailer, so no unnecessary whining, please.

I've also seen a couple of older movies recently: Sliding doors and The Descent (Yes, I finally got myself acquainted with Satellite TV once again).

Sliding Doors was a movie I always heard good things about but avoided because I think Gwyenth Palrow is one of the most wooden and overrated actresses in Hollywood. Well, the movie was a fun, interesting little movie and as for Gwennie, I'm not British but I thought that her accent was cringe-worthy. Granted she had a much better accent in Shakespeare in Love and Emma but this is the actress who they gave an Oscar to instead of Cate Blanchett!? *Facepalm*

The Descent was surprisingly good. It was obviously low budget but I thought it was a damn good movie that was pretty gripping from start to finish and I'm a person who literally dozes off in movie theaters if the movie isn't interesting enough. I realized the director was Neil Marshall, who also directed another low-budget movie which I liked a lot and wrote about here before called "Dog Soldiers" which was one of the better werewolf movies to come out in recent years (though I'm waiting to see how "Wolfman" with Benicio Del Toro will turn out - despite Mark Romanek jumping ship which is a damn shame).

As for the Descent, I saw the version with the original British ending which was rather depressing but I think it made the movie overall stronger. Oh and there is a sequel in the works, so here's to hoping it doesn't suck.

That's enough for now. I'm out!

Listening to: The Raconteurs - Carolina Drama


beebogates said...

Ok so here I was waiting form months for you to finish neesa and post something on your blog, then you come along to write about movies! come on ravinski you just came out of a near-death experience. any impressions on the previous two months maybe? dont just keep it bottled in.. lol jk

greyscale said...

7aram 3aleeky...gwenyth paltrow is an amazing actress.

Ravine said...

beebogates: Heeey! My brain is fried from neesa..gimme a break will ya! I'll get to the deep (yeah right!) stuff later. :)

greyscale: I didn't say she was particularly bad. I just think she is vastly overrated and I don't really think I'll ever consider her an "amazing" actress any time soon especially when there are people like Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Helen Bonham Carter and Naomi Watts to compete against.
Just out of curiosity, what movies did find her to be amazing in?

greyscale said...

sliding doors, shakespeare in love, the talented mr. ripley

and come on!! naomi watts?? you've gotta be kidding, really.

but you do have a point with the 3 other actresses you mentioned.

Ravine said...

She was good in Shakespeare in love (Certainly not better than Cate Blancett in Elizabeth who was up against her for the Ascar that year!) and the talented Mr.Ripley. But she was just "good" in comparison to the other actors in both movies (apart from Ben Affleck..who sort of sucked) who were all great. She's sufficient for the roles she's given but never mind blowing imo.
As for Naomi 21 grams or Mulholland Drive, if you haven't. She's amazing in Both.