Monday, 15 September 2008

Medical School - Bringing you closer everyday to....

Cold-blooded Sadistic Murders!

And that's not even a figure of speech....

An Egyptian endocrinology professor at Ain Shams university has been convicted of killing a man, proceeding to cut him up with a chainsaw and finally running over the victim's head with his car to make it impossible to identify him. This dude used to be a fearful fixture in the 5th year oral exam circuit and I've seen more than one student examined by him last year laughing hysterically with a bewildered look in their eyes after reading their news.

Is it now obvious why I say that professors at our faculty require psychiatric evaluations before being unleashed onto the students?

My condolences to the victim's family because as strangely (and macabrely) funny as this is, it doesn't make it any less horrible.


haijekov said...

oh lord!

but it's still hysterical :D

but oh lord!


Hicham said...

I felt sick when I read the news, however I do believe that as much as someone has no morals regardless his education, religion, and financial state then everything is possible in this world!

C'est la vie!