Monday, 15 September 2008

The month of fasting, among other things (part I)

Why is it that during Ramadan driving through the streets is the akin to playing bumper cars with a group of Attention deficit children?

Egyptians are generally known for their impeccable ability to avoid maintaining any lanes what so ever but in Ramadan , they're practically gliding across the street from one side to another, with their eyes half-closed and their mouths half-open more often than not. The traffic jams are phenomenal displays of what a combination of low blood sugar, not enough sleep and preexisting road rage can do to the normally docile Egyptian citizen.

Okay, I totally made that last part up.

It's always fun to hear people curse their heads off while driving, insulting you, your mother, your father and every other relative they can fit into a single sentence. Especially since it's usually followed up by the ubiquitous " Allahoma iny sayem!" or "God, I'm fasting!".

You see, that's enough to fill the world with scented roses and sunshine until the next driver cuts you off.

I'm glad I don't drive but I still get the need to jump out of the car and proceed to throttle some drivers while riding in the passenger seat. Fortunately, that plan never comes to fruition because I'm usually too busy yawning and dreaming of caffeine just like most people on the road.