Tuesday, 27 January 2009

I'm too cool to worry, you know...

Here I am, just hangin'..

My grades are gonna show up presumably within the next 48 hours but I'm not worried. siree. I mean why should I? They're just basically some numbers. I mean, its true that these numbers are the summation of any effort I put into the last six years of my life and most likely will determine where I spend the next six but I digress, they're just numbers that will not get any higher or lower if I worry, right guys?

The thing is, I just want to make plans for the rest of the week. What does that have to do with grades you say? Well, if they do show up online or in college, I'd hate to be in a position where everybody can get theirs except me. Not that I would cry, hyperventilate or possibly pass out..but I would just feel so lonely and left out and no one likes to feel that way, friends. No one.

And while the F5 button has been fun to play with (its so much fun seeing the faculty's results' page load over and over again-such bright colors!) , I really should get up before my index finger falls off because I'm assuming I might need it in the future.

This entry was brought to you by a calm and cool medical student who is patiently awaiting those pesky results, ya know, just to get things over with and not because her heart is trying to break free from her chest. Toodles!