Monday, 20 April 2009

Close Encounters of the Avian Kind

It's not very reassuring when your resident tells you that the patient who just threw up on your shoes the day before, has now been confirmed as the 65th case of Avian Flu(H5N1 strain) in Egypt.

It's also kinda difficult to hide it from your family - ya know- so as not to worry them or anything, when it gets printed in the newspaper the next day and everyone at home jumps whenever you sneeze or cough. Even when you tell them that there's no human-to-human transmission...yet.

Well hopefully because if a virus wants a place to mutate where else could it find a better home?

Okay okay, enough with my fear mongering...

The poor woman came to the hospital 9-months pregnant and as custom goes in certain.. well..I guess you could say.. socioeconomic classes here, she was raising the chickens, so she could eat a couple after she gave birth. She and her family kept denying that little tidbit however, until her condition became severely deteriorated and ventilatory support became necessary.

As my father would say, "E7na sha3b ghalban walahy".

It seems however that the Dr.Sha3bolla approach isn't working too well and the Ministry of Health needs to start working on a new game plan, since we're now the proud owners of the highest number of Avian Flu cases outside of Asia.


Ahmed said...

whew. you get all the fun. not fair :P

i wont mind getting a close encounter with an avian flu case. a least its better than needlesticks. rumour has it that some of our fellow white coats got stuck with HIV needles.

on a lighter note.. I think that book cover on the left goes really well with this blog post.. I Lol'd

marooned84 said...

e7na bennafes 3shan nwsal lel 3alameyya fel mwdo3 da! I bet that by the end of this year we'll have the world record avian flu cases and Asia will look at us in envy!