Thursday, 13 January 2011

Sir, you have my undivided attention...

There's an obvious disadvantage to being at the bottom of the professional food chain at a hospital; you are expected to be at the receiving end of everything ranging from priceless medical knowledge - from those actually willing to share it - to... well...crap. The trick to smoothly navigating these everyday involuntary one-way transactions is by having a permanently interested look on your face. You are simply fascinated by the words coming out of your professor's mouth. It doesn't matter if he/she is talking about medicine or what happened to them on their drive over- you shall hang on to their every word.
Try to gradually perfect the balance between having a look of deep interest on your face while you're internally trying to navigate the crowded halls of your mind trying to remember that distant dream you had for yourself and what was it that you really thought at 15 you would be doing at 25.
It gets easier as the days go by and eventually feigning interest isn't so hard.
The downside however, is that you may soon become a sticky professor's favorite fledgling and he or she will seek you - even hunt you down Goddammit - to share with you things they think that you simply must be informed of.
Tread carefully, children.