Sunday, 8 April 2007

Tagged Again : Which Famous Leader Are You?

Tagged by Fadfadation ..Merci keteer ya fandem ;)

I took all 4 sets of Q's and I was twice this guy:

And twice this guy :

Lovely! What's better than being a combination of a smooth talkin' adulterer (who wasn' t such a bad president to be honest) and a Kee-Raaaazy mass murderer who was rejected from Art School!

Like I said, Merci Keteer ya Fandem ! :D

(and even though fadfadation tagged just about everyone I know and Mak beat me to Sou, I still have you Reema're it!)


Reema said...

hehehhehe i've been already tagged by fadfadation sweetie:)
and guess what??
i'm Hitler!!!all the times Hitler!!waaaaaaaaa2:((leeh keda bas ya rabby!!!

peace ya amar

Juka said...

LOL. Interesting mix though!!

Ravine85 said...

Reema: lol, he got to you too? Damn you fadfadation, Damn you!j/k

Juka: That's me , I'm just FULL of interesting mixes lol.

Juka said...

Enty fein... I want my dose of public transportation ranting!!!!!!!

Ravine85 said...

I'm currently drowning in my pediatrics books but I'm talking about terminals next, exciting I know! lol

Sou said...

I'm JFK :D Erm...good? bad? hehe