Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Things I've learned from med school: Part IV...Zucchini anyone?

(Killing Off Our Sense of Ambition) or whatever the hell you want to call it, seems to grow just about everywhere in our blessed faculty. Just in case you were worried that something in this country has not been tainted by's alive and kickin' in this 'ere parts!
I kept telling myself that it wouldn't happen, that there was room for both the hard workers and the league of squash defenders but the latter seem completely intent on our total annihilation.
It would be quite a show watching our faculty's heirs to the throne go through an oral exam. Some of them were treated fairly to be honest, others mostly just arrived to sign their names on the dotted line. My favorite was this dude who came in a classic suit, was very careful about the way he handled it and I swear he lifted its tips up like a lil' tutu when he sat down in front of the examiner. That's basically all he did in exams. Show up to show off the latest in men's fashion. Five minutes , he was in and he was out...not a wrinkle on his suit. It was particularly amusing when on one occasion, the head of the department ran down from his office to examine "him" in particular and no one else.

Show up in style for the occasions where your koosa matters!

So how do these kids and their parents sleep at night? How is it O.K. going through the rest of your life knowing that no matter what you are now, you based it all on cheating and on that annoyingly ubiquitous vegetable when you were young? It's enough that we already feel so disconnected from our professors, so why are they trying to alienate us even more with this constant effort to keep the business within their dynasties? I'm hungry..


spellz said...

we shud print t-shirts for them sweeetie

" I'm a bitch and happy about it"
that shud be their Slogan :d

Stranger said...

As I recall, in Ancient Egypt there was a small test that every “doctor” had to take before officially becoming one.

They’d leave the doctor in a lab full of all the instruments he may need. The doctor would then drink a poison unknown to him. He had to identify the poison based on the symptoms he was experiencing and then make himself an antidote.

How many medical students would pass this test nowadays? How many would even have the guts to take it? That’d be interesting to know.

Ravine said...

Spellz: They don't need shirts, they've got their faces and those are enough.

Stranger: the safe bet would be on "hardly any".