Saturday, 10 November 2007

What a lovely day for humanity...

*Sigh* ! It's such a pretty day. The breeze is gently blowing making the leaves rustle softly , the birds are singing, the guy next to us is beating the crap out of his wife....
Yeah, that's right. Our next door neighbour, a dentist from a family which is very financially blessed , who has only been married for less than a year (also to a dentist) is currently undertaking the task of making his wife run around the house , screaming for help. Did I mention that she has just had a baby about a week ago?
So what goes through the mind of a supposedly educated young man when he raises his hand to strike his wife? What goes through his parents' minds when they hear about it ? Are they proud of their handiwork? If the two families get together to drag an apology out of him , will he really mean it or will it just happen the next time dinner's not warm enough? Questions, questions...I just hope someone's smart enough and brave enough to tell her to take that kid, run and never look back.


spellz said...

irresponsible a**hole
da elli bya3mlo tagweez l males eli lesa ma7amaloosh sefat men
lazem yetsarafo be a5la2 l ghaba l awalleya tab3an maho ma7adesh rabahoom

wallahy da 7atta ahl l ghaba mabya3meloosh kda

He & She said...

That is not the perfect solution, sorry

Ravine said...

I never said I was good at finding perfect solutions.

Moon-baby said...

Education doesn't necessarily count nor does it have to do with discipline,mercy and open-mindedness.Especially in Egypt.*Balad Shehadat*

I guess she(and women in general) should stand up for her right to be treated with respect.She MUST talk,take actions,reflect seriously on her life and her own worth.

This is really saddening.