Friday, 15 February 2008

Incoming Call

It's amazing how people react to something they're not used to hearing...actually it's amazingly moronic.
Yesterday, I was sitting in the middle of a lesson and my cellphone rang ( I had forgotten to turn it off, as usual). The song I had on was Deep by Nine Inch Nails (one of my favorite bands ever). I had about 300 medical students either staring at me like I'm psychotic or giggling like little school girls who just learned -like omg! - how a baby is made.
I wasn't using the ringtone to make a "statement" but I just use whatever I have on my cellphone, which is naturally, whatever I listen to. O and I'm telling you now, if I ever have Nancy Ajram or Elissa blasting out of my phone at any given moment, you can help me pull the trigger and you don't even have to clean up after me. (No offense to people who like them)


beebogates said...

This totally reminds me of my bro - you know him, the one who would probably propose to you within 3 seconds of knowing that you exist? - anyway he went out and bought this xpensive phone, just because it plays MP3 ringtones, just so he can set his to a maddening guitar riff by some satriani or someone ironmaidenish, just so he can annoy the wotsit out of those nancy 3ajram/baby laugh/elissa/cuppycake ringtoners. mental.