Friday, 11 April 2008

Dr.Shrinking Violet is Currently Unable to Examine You...

There's something I can't wrap my head around these days (lol breaking news, I'm sure.); the fact that despite us being in our FINAL year of medical school, my colleagues (particularly the chicks) insist on acting like they're oh-so-embarrassed-to-be there when certain medical terms comes up in conversation. Here I'm referring to stuff that everyone else would understandably be too embarrassed to bring up while having lunch with friends; menstruation, scrotal examination, breast examination..etc.
I can understand people who haven't entered the deathtrap known as medical school going into mini-attacks of convulsions when I talk about unsavory topics like these with them (I'm so sorry Juka!) but seriously, other doctors-to-be (hopefully, someday) acting like I just said an especially heinous curse word is très annoying. Blushing in the middle of a PURELY scientific discussion about the dos and don'ts of the examination of a particularly sensitive area in the body(something we do at least TWICE weekly during our surgical rounds) is almost as bad for a med student as fainting at the sight of blood is. Seriously, you're going to be house officers next year. Unpleasant and often smelly situations will be the NORM.

Toughen the hell up or sit the f*** down, kids!

I despise falsely conjured modesty and hate that educated people choose to adhere to the relic -and in many situations- completely uncalled for behaviors deemed appropriate by their society just for the sake of appearances.

/rant off

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Eventuality said...

:) hey it has nothing to do with education, but I'm sure u know that already. Highly educated people let society dictate their actions all the time despite actually having different beliefs that contradict these actions. It's a fake, fake world we live in we kollo beymassel 3ala ba3do :)

شريف الهراوي said...

WooW ! well guess what guys have the same issues too and it just pissed me off just like you. I tried to convince them how i can never be disgusted or ashamed or whatever shitty feeling they named. It's just a body part for me that has no significance other than the clinical finding i'm trying to elicit.
what you should tell your fellow future Doctors is that the patient is the one who should feel embarrassed and their role as his doctor is to show him that it's no big deal .. His Privacy is kept and not violated by any means during the examination and NOT the opposite.
This is just lame .. and that's what i've always thought about most of the medical students in our faculty.

Ravine said...

Eventuality: Amen!

Sherief: Explaining this to them is the equivalent of "el nafkh fe erba ma2too3a". Lameness is an integral part of med school in Egypt!

Juka said...

LOL! No worries. Pray, do tell the delightful readers the "lighter" story :)

spellz said...

I can never be in this category ;-D

Well I remember once I was talking about mens with some of the girls and I unintentionally pronounced the word period with a loud voice

we fag2a ya setty ala2eelk kol l girls be3do welli weshaha e7mar welli alet ma3rafhash


NooNa said...

well i have to tell u that..
finding fellow doctors who can talk about things in a matter of fact way is not that helpful either
through my what can i call it journey through med school i was blessed with sound minded friends i can discuss things with but sometimes those discussions got us kicked out from public

Ravine said...

Noona: Well of course I wouldn't suggest talking about sensitive medical subjects in a big group in a big restaurant, for example =D! But within the confines of medical school, it seems rather ridiculous to shy away from topics that make up your curriculum.

NooNa said...

well dear ravine, well we egyptians suffer some kinde of schiziod disorder of what we are and what id considered acceptable
so u know this information and its all facts that u shouldn't and wouldn't be ashamed of.. while outside this class its inappropriate for a girl to do this or do that... and tell tell u the truth is causes so many problems
why do u think that most girl-doctors marry guy doctors and its not quite the same in reverse
first the non-doctors can not acccept ( the the society dictated) that the wife spends the night away fro,home even if it was in a hospital, can talk freely with male colleagues and so many things that are the norm of a doctor's life
this is just a glimpse and 3 years after graduation i have loda and loads of things to add on that..lool