Sunday, 17 August 2008

Little Angels

I was stepping into Carrefour about a week ago with my mother and suddenly a shiver went down my spine.
I was by the sheer number of babies & toddlers in the supermarket.

It's not that I hate babies but I've always recognized the fact that unlike many other girls, I do not have the ability to voluntarily fawn over a little kid. The extent of my reaction is "aww, cute kid". I don't pinch cheeks and I don't tickle tummies. That might be a defect but that's just the way I am.

However, in supermarkets/department stores etc. , the expression " kiddies gone wild" is the only one possibly applicable. My indifference to random children suddenly shifts gears to extreme dislike for both them and their parents.

The things is, parents seem to think that they've done most of their work when the baby starts walking. Um , no. I don't want your little bundles of terror running over my feet and hiding behind my legs during hide & seek. The idea that a small child can hide entirely behind one of my legs is not very pleasant you know.

I don't like taking each step with an extreme fear that I might trip over a running child and then turn out to be the cold-hearted villain as the mother spastically screams out "danaya!" . I especially hate when a little boy is running through a dressing room in a clothing store. Despite what his proud mommy might think, his early inquisitive nature is NOT cute.

Can people not keep their kids in check anymore or do they depend on other people for that when they're in public?


ahmed tiger said...

good subject :D